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What Past Students Say

Read what past affiliate students have to say about their study abroad experience in Economics at UCL.

I spent the fall semester of 2018 as a study abroad student at UCL. Since the University of St. Gallen, my home university in Switzerland, is not in a partnership with UCL I had to organize the study abroad semester by myself.

One of the main reasons I really enjoyed my semester here in London is UCL’s approach to teaching. Continue reading

Max Christl, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

UCL with its societies and dorms constitutes a perfect environment to meet ambitious people from all over the world who have the same interests like you but see things from a completely different perspective.

The experiences I made, broadened my mind, made me feel like a global citizen and triggered my interest to see the world and different cultures! Continue reading

Marcel Jastrzembski, Humboldt University, Berlin

My study experience at UCL was incredibly worthwhile.  Not only was it fantastic academically, but it was also culturally enriching.  Study at UCL exceeded the expectations I had for my time in London in all areas: academics, student life, the city, and travel. Continue reading

Zachary Dionise, Davidson College, USA

While at UCL, I became so independent, I made great friends, and I learned a lot—about economics, about culture, and about myself. My memories of my time in London are all happy ones and I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to live in London and study at UCL to do so. Continue reading

Brian McTernan, Georgetown University, USA

My semester at UCL was all and more of what I imagined my study abroad experience would be like. I remember thinking to myself before leaving for London that an entire semester is a long time to be abroad alone. As it turned out, I enjoyed my stay so much that one semester was not long enough to satiate my love for the city. Continue reading

Han Cui, Brown University, USA

UCL is a truly desirable and fulfilling destination for any exchange student … Community involvement is effective, easy to join and satisfying. Even as a temporary student, I found myself involved in several volunteer positions ... And most importantly, I still had time to enjoy the city and what it had to offer. Continue reading

Mai Abu Dabat, University of Toronto, Canada