UCL Department of Economics


ECON1007 - Economic Reasoning

Term 2


  • To provide an introduction to the application of economic theory to real world problems;
  • To develop an understanding of simple and commonly used economic modeling techniques;


  • Understand the formulation of simple economic models in a way that allows application to real world problems
  • Be able to interpret events in the world in terms of economic models
  • Understand the powerful role of economic and social incentives
Taught by:
Steffen Huck
Assessment: This is a one-term module comprising of 10 2-hour lectures, and tutorial classes in which two pieces of written work are to be submitted during the course of the module. Assessment is by a two-hour unseen written examination in Term 3. Affiliate students leaving in December will take a 2-hour written examination set up by the Department at the end of Term 1.
Suitable for:
First year students in Economics.
Prerequisites: None
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