UCL Department of Economics


ECON1001 - Economics

Terms 1 & 2


  • To provide an analytical introduction to the core concepts of modern microeconomics and macroeconomics;


At the end of the course, students should:

  • Be familiar with many of the core concepts in modern economics and be able to relate these to a range of applications in the real economy.
  • Be able to apply these concepts, along with some elementary mathematical techniques acquired on this and other courses, to solve numerical or algebraic economic problems.
  • Be able to move without undue difficulty to the more advanced analysis of the core concepts and methods they will encounter on the second year of the degree course.
Taught by:
Donald Verry (Term 1), Christian Spielmann (Term 2)
Assessment: There will be 20 2-hour lectures in all (10 in each term). Other teaching will be a mixture of demonstration classes (5 in each term) and compulsory smaller-group tutorial classes with accompanying exercises (8 in each term). There will be a 3-hour unseen written examination in Term 3.
Suitable for:
Compulsory for 1st year BSc Economics (L100) and the combined-studies degrees in Economics and Geography (LL17) and Philosophy and Economics (VL51).
Prerequisites: None
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