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Polar Research

Focusing on monitoring and modelling all the components of the polar regions, their climate, ocean circulation and teleconnections with the lower latitudes.

Crystallography and Mineral Physics

Our group is at the interface between remote sensing, field and laboratory work and climate modelling. We build on our pioneering work on satellite altimetry of the polar regions with the launch in 2010 of CryoSat-2 to develop a wide suit of remote sensing techniques to investigate changes in the cryosphere and polar oceans. We have developed several sea ice model parameterizations that have now been incorporated in a variety of Global Circulation Models (i.e. Met Office) and assimilate our satellite observation into operational forecasting systems. We are leading regular field work campaigns (i.e. MOSAiC Arctic expedition) and develop new instruments to probe in-situ characteristics of the snow and sea ice and validate models and satellite data. Finally, we are performing laboratory experiments in polar conditions in our cold room facility in the Department of Earth Sciences.

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CMP Research

CMP Research

•    Polar Climate Modelling and Change

CMP Facilities

CMP Facilities

Makes use of UCL Earth Sciences' research infrastructure and facilities

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Prof Chris Rapley
Prof Julienne Stroeve
Dr Michel Tsamados

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Prof Peter Sammonds
Dr Peter Irvine

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