UCL Earth Sciences


CMP Facilities

Our research focuses on the structure, composition, dynamics and evolution of the Earth and terrestrial planetary bodies.

Haskel Multi-Anvil
The Haskel High Pressure Laboratory at UCL conducts basic research into effects of high pressure and high temperature on igneous rock/mineral/magma systems using a solid media high pressure apparatus. Areas of research include understanding the origins of mantle derived melts and minerals (silicate and non silicate, but especially carbonate systems) , and results are incoporated into undergraduate teaching courses.

Mantle Rheology Laboratory
The rheological properties of the Earth’s mantle exert a fundamental control on mantle convection. Many of the surface features of the Earth including mountain belts, subduction zones, hot spots and seismic zones are therefore significantly affected by mantle rheology. Unfortunately, field-based estimates of mantle rheology con only be determined for exceptional circumstances (such as isostatic rebound of the Canadian Shield) and many of the important parameters and regions are not sampled.

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
The X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory contains instruments for both powder diffraction and general single-crystal experiments.