UCL Ear Institute



Find contact information for Ear Institute academic staff, research staff, professional services staff and PhD students.
Director – Professor Jennifer Linden                                                                                       E: j.linden@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Director – Dr Michael Bowl                                                                                           E: m.bowl@ucl.ac.uk
Manager – Dr Madisson Brown                                                                                                E: madisson.brown@ucl.ac.uk
Departmental Graduate Tutor – Professor Daniel Jagger                                                    E: d.jagger@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Cell & Molecular Research – Professor Sally Dawson                                           E: sally.dawson@ucl.ac.uk
Director of Education – Mrs Rosemary Monk                                                                        E: r.monk@ucl.ac.uk
BRC lead – Professor Anne Schilder                                                                                          E: a.schilder@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Neurophysiology, Perception & Computation Unit – Dr Nicholas Lesica           E: n.lesica@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Medicine & Clinical trials – Professor Peter Andrews                                             E: peterandrews@nhs.net
Estates and Planning Lead – Mr Torsten Marquardt                                                               E: t.marquardt@ucl.ac.uk
EDI lead – Professor Jennifer Bizley                                                                                            E: j.bizley@ucl.ac.uk