UCL Ear Institute


PhD Students

Adaobi Osuji

Adaobi Osuji

ExpertiseI am interested in interaction of Hearing loss, Auditory processing and Cognition in Patients with Hearing loss and/or Mild Cognitive Impairment (Early Alzheimer's disease). 

SupervisorProf Doris Eva- Bamiou


Alfonso Pendolino Profile Image

Alfonso Luca Pendolino

Expertise: ENT specialist with a particular interest in Rhinology. Evaluation of treatment modalities for nasal and olfactory dysfunction in patients with NSAID-exacerbated respiratory disease (N-ERD) and without N-ERD.

Supervisors: Prof Peter Andrews, Dr Glenis Scadding, Dr Dan Jagger, Prof Anne Schilder, Prof Carl May, Prof Maroeska Rovers, Prof Doris Bamiou

Profile photo of Brian Lam

Brian Lam

Expertise: Understanding changes in neural coding of the auditory nerve caused by degradation in peripheral hearing components.

Supervisor: Prof Nick Lesica

PhD student

Buse Adam

Expertise: Interest in investigating how the brain processes and tracks rapidly changing sound sequences and gaining an understanding of the underlying neurological mechanisms.

Supervisor: Prof Maria Chait

Funded by: the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Education

Carla Griffiths profile photo

Carla Griffiths

Expertise: Implementing unbiased signal processing to uncover correlations of feature to object-based neural representations to Auditory Cortex layers.

Supervisor: Prof Jennifer Bizley

Funded by: European Research Council

Chen Lu

Chen Lu

Expertise: Auditory cortex abnormalities in the Df1/+ mouse model with genetic risk for schizophrenia and hearing impairment.

Supervisor: Prof Jennifer Linden



Claudia Contadini-Wright

ExpertiseMy research centers around understanding how the brain is able to direct and sustain attention under distracting auditory conditions, and why some people find this process easier than others. Using a combination of behavioural measures and EEG, I am hoping to use this to shed light on why some people find it harder to adapt to hearing aids in the presence of background noise than others.

Supervisor: Prof Maria Chait

Funded byNational Institute for Health Research (NIHR), University College London Hospitals (UCLH) Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)

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Diya Vaid

Expertise: Neurosciences and qualitative research methods. 

Supervisors: Prof Anne Schilder (UCL Ear Institute),  Prof Fiona Stevenson (UCL Department of Primary Care and Population Health)

Funded by: NIHR UCLH BRC

Eleanor Brown

Eleanor Brown

Expertise: Hearing loss in NF2.

Supervisor: Prof Dan Jagger

Funded by: Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID),  Anatomical Society (AS)

Elizabeth Freeman

Elizabeth Freeman

Expertise: Exploring the molecular basis of swarming behaviour in the African malaria mosquito, including the auditory behaviour of locating mates.

Supervisor: Dr Marta Andres

Funded by: London Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme (BBSRC)

Jack Martin

Jack Martin

Expertise: The role of stress granules in hearing loss.

Supervisors: Dr Sally Dawson, Prof Jonathan Gale

Funded by: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), University College London Hospitals (UCLH) Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)

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Jules Lebert

Expertise: Understanding how auditory perception is maintained in the presence of background noise and how auditory-prefrontal interactions support selective listening. 

Supervisor: Prof Jenny Bizley

Funded by: European Research Council


Katherine Whitcroft

Expertise: Assessment of clinical olfaction using psychophysics, structural and functional neuroimaging.


Letizia Vestito

Supervisors: Prof Maria Bitner-Glindzicz, Dr Sally Dawson

Funded by: UCL NIHR BRC in Deafness and Hearing Problems

Lida Alampounti profile picture.

Lida Alampounti

Expertise: Assessing and optimising audiovisual integration for listening in a mixture of competing sounds.

Supervisors: Prof Jennifer Bizley, Dr Hannah Cooper

Funded by: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), University College London Hospitals (UCLH) Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Hearing Theme, the UCL Ear Institute

PhD student

Louay Madanat

Expertise: Investigating the causal role of the auditory cortex in auditory processing and adaptation to noise.

Supervisor: Prof Jennifer Bizley


Marsha Jenkins

Marsha Jenkins

Expertise: Investigating the development of an evidence-based hearing aid fitting, validation and evaluation protocol for children with Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL). 

Supervisors: Dr Hannah Cooper, Dr Amanda Hall

Funded by: UCL

PhD student

Mert Huviyetli

Expertise: My research centres around understanding how the brain mechanisms involved in auditory scene analysis, specifically the detection of abrupt changes in complex acoustic environments, are influenced by healthy aging.

Supervisor: Prof Maria Chait

Funded by: the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Education

Mingyue Hu Profile Picture

Mingyue Hu

Expertise: Auditory cognitive neuroscience: how our brain processes the sound.

Supervisor: Prof Maria Chait


Terry Nunn

Expertise: Exploring Parameter Variation in Cochlear Implant Fitting to Improve Speech Perception in Difficult Listening Conditions.

Supervisors: Dr Debi Vickers, Dr Tim Green, Prof Dan Jiang

Xena Liu

Xena Liu

Expertise: Investigating the clinical usability of Microsaccades (MS) alongside pupillometry and EEG to measure listening effort and attentional/memory load.

Supervisors: Prof Maria Chait, Prof Doris-Eva Bamiou

Funded by: Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)

Xinyu Zhou

Xinyu Zhou

Expertise: Homogenous distribution of therapeutic agents along the cochlear by acoustic stimulation.

Supervisor: Mr Torsten Marquardt

Funded by: Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID)