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Research at the UCL Ear Institute is truly interdisciplinary. We have the most influential researchers in hearing and deafness in England and our research in this field is the most highly citied in the country (RAND bibliometric analysis).

Our research covers virtually all aspects of modern auditory research, from basic investigations in biophysics, cell biology and genetics, through to electrophysiology and computational neuroscience and cochlear implantation surgery and outcomes.

UCL Ear Institute

Principal Investigators 

Find out more about our principal investigators, whose research covers virtually all aspects of modern auditory research, from biophysics to neuroscience.

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Postgraduate research degrees

What makes us exceptional is the interaction between our laboratories and scientists to create research that is both novel and distinct. 

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Fellowship pages

Find out more about our research fellows, whose research investigates areas such as the impact of hearing loss on brain development.

UCL Ear Institute

PhD students

Find out more about our PhD and MDRes students, whose research covers a wide range of areas in audiology, otology and audiovestibular medicine.

UCL Ear Institute
Audiological Science MSc

NIHR-UCLH BRC Deafness and Hearing Problems Theme

The aim of this research theme is to develop and deliver targeted therapies to prevent deafness and to regenerate the hearing system. 



evidENT is a multidisciplinary research team within dedicated to developing the best research and researchers in ENT hearing and balance.

UCL Ear Institute

EI Technical Support

Read about the Ear Institute's technical staff who help us achieve our research objectives with their expertise.