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Principal Investigators

The UCL Ear Institute's Principal Investigators
Joerg Albert…

Prof Joerg Albert

Joerg Albert is a Professor of Sensory Biology and Biophysics who is using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to study the molecular and mechanistic bases of hearing, specifically, the process of auditory transduction...

Marta Andres Miguel

Dr Marta Andres de Miguel

Dr Marta Andrés is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow who is studying the molecular mechanisms modulating the audition of disease transmitting mosquitoes. Her research lies at the intersection of fundamental and translational science.


Prof Jonathan Ashmore

Prof Jonathan Ashmore is the Bernard Katz Professor of Biophysics at UCL. His laboratory works on the cellular mechanisms of hearing with particular interest in the outer hair cells of the cochlea.


Prof Doris-Eva Bamiou

Doris-Eva Bamiou is a Professor of Neuroaudiology. Her research interests include auditory processing in neurological patients and in the normal population.

Prof Martin Birchall profile image

Prof Martin Birchall

Martin Birchall is Professor or Laryngology and ENT Surgeon. He co-led the European Team which successfully performed the World’s first stem-cell based, tissue-engineered organ transplant.

Dr Jennifer Bizley

Prof Jennifer Bizley

Prof Jennifer Bizley is both a Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow & Professor of Auditory Neuroscience. Her research aim is to unravel the mechanisms by which neural activity in auditory cortex leads to sound perception and how visual information can alter perception to help us to listen more effectively.

Mike Bowl

Dr Mike Bowl

Mike Bowl is a Principal Research Fellow at the Ear Institute, and leads the Sensorineural Hearing Loss research at the MRC Harwell Institute. His research involves using the mouse as a model to understand the molecular bases of mammalian hearing and to elaborate upon the genetics associated with human hearing loss.

Maria Chait…

Prof Maria Chait

Maria Chait is a Professor of Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience who is interested in how auditory sensory information is converted into a perceptual representation of our environment

Hannah Cooper…

Dr Hannah Cooper

Dr Hannah Cooper is a Lecturer in audiology and Clinical Scientist. Her research interests include the neurodevelopment of children at risk of hearing problems, and the use of technology to improve outcomes for children with hearing loss.

Nico Daudet…

Dr Nicolas Daudet

Dr Nicolas Daudet is a Reader in Developmental Neurobiology examining the mechanisms of development and regeneration of the inner ear.

Sally Dawson…

Dr Sally Dawson

Dr Sally Dawson is a Reader in Molecular Genetics of Hearing Loss. Her research focuses on identifying susceptibility genes for age related hearing loss and the regulation of gene expression in hair cells of the inner ear.

Jonathan Gale profile picture

Prof Jonathan Gale

Jonathan Gale is a Professor of Cell Biology and Ear Institute Director. His research interests are centred on the repair and regeneration of hair cells after cell damage or loss.

Dan Jagger profile pic

Dr Dan Jagger

Dr Dan Jagger is a Reader in Auditory Physiology. He studies membrane properties of spiral ganglion neurons and homeostatic regulation of the cochlea.

Peter Keating…

Dr Peter Keating

Dr Peter Keating is a UCL Excellence Fellow and is funded by the Rosetrees Trust. He is interested in how hearing loss disrupts auditory development and the learning processes that promote recovery following hearing loss.


Prof Nicholas Lesica

Prof Nicholas Lesica is a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow at UCL and Professor of Neuroengineering. He studies the encoding of information about sound in the activity of the brain's neural networks and how this information is distorted by hearing loss.

Dr Jennifer Linden…

Prof Jennifer Linden

Jennifer Linden is a Professor of Neuroscience. Her research is geared towards understanding the cortical processing of complex sounds, including speech.

Torsten Marquardt…

Dr Torsten Marquardt

Dr Torsten Marquardt is a Senior Lecturer in Auditory Biophysics at UCL. His research looks at the advantages and characteristics of binaural hearing and also cochlea mechanics using oto-acoustic emissions.

Prof Saeed

Prof Shakeel Saeed

Prof Shakeel Saeed is Chair of Otology/Neuro-otology and Consultant ENT & Skullbase Surgeon, with research intersts in implantation otology, deafness genetics and facial nerve repair.

Roland Schaette…

Dr Roland Schaette

Dr Roland Schaette is a Reader in Computational Auditory Neuroscience. He studies how tinnitus arises in computer models, animals, and humans.

Prof Anne Schilder…

Prof Anne Schilder

Prof. Anne Schilder is Director of the Clinical Trials Programme (UCLP-ENT) and has been awarded the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) professorship for ENT Health Services Research

Raj Shekhawat profile photo

Dr Raj Shekhawat

Dr. Raj Shekhawat is an Associate Professor at the Ear Institute. His research interests include tinnitus, hearing aids, brain stimulation, sound therapies and higher education teaching & learning.

Bradford Backus…

Honorary Researcher: Dr Bradford Backus

Dr Bradford Backus is an Honorary Senior Research Associate who studies the basic properties of the human audio-cochlea system using oto-acoustic emissions.