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Hannah Cooper…

Dr Hannah Cooper

Email: hannah.cooper.12@ucl.ac.uk

Expertise: Lecturer in audiology and Clinical Scientist with research interests in the neurodevelopment of children at risk of hearing problems, and the use of technology to improve outcomes for children with hearing loss.
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Dr Lucy Handscomb

Email: l.handscomb@ucl.ac.uk

Expertise: Lecturer in audiology with a special interest in psycho-social aspects of hearing loss and rehabilitation. Her main research focus is improving the effectiveness of tinnitus therapy.
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Rosemary Monk Profile Photo

Rosemary Monk

Email: r.monk@ucl.ac.uk

Expertise: Associate Professor (Teaching) and Director of Education with special clinical and research interests in vestibular assessment and rehabilitation and adult aural rehabilitiation.

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Paul Radomskij

Email: p.radomskij@ucl.ac.uk

Expertise: Clinical Scientist, MSc Deputy Course Director and acting co-Head of Education with research interests in the fields of vestibular assessment and rehabilitation, electrophysiology and acoustics
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Rebecca Hill

Rebecca Hill

Email: rebecca.m.hill@ucl.ac.uk

Expertise: Rebecca Hill qualified for her Masters of Clinical Audiology in 2009 in Sydney Australia. In the early stages of her career she worked in adult hearing loss assessment and rehabilitation. From 2012 onwards, she has largely specialised in paediatric audiology, with special interest in the assessment of medically complex children. Rebecca was a clinical educator at Macquarie University Speech and Hearing clinic before I moving back to the UK in 2016. Rebecca teaches students on the undergraduate BSC program, as well as postgraduate students at the ear institute. Rebecca also continues to work clinically in paediatric audiology, as well as being a volunteer for the National Deaf Children’s Society.

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Dr Bhavisha Parmar

Bhavisha Parmar

Email: bhavisha.parmar@ucl.ac.uk

Expertise: Lecturer (Teaching) in Audiology

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Martha Grech

Email: martha.grech@ucl.ac.uk

Expertise: Lecturer (Teaching) in Audiology

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