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Crick-HEI Seminar Series

The Crick and its Partner HEIs have started a new seminar series to share some of the research that staff on the attachment and joint recruitment programmes are undertaking

This virtual seminar series will feature talks given by university staff who are based either part-time or full-time in the Crick. Presenters will be introduced by a Crick host, before discussing their current research and then opening the floor to questions. Seminars will be held once per fortnight on Monday lunchtimes via Microsoft Teams. The seminars are free and are open to all staff and students at King's, Imperial, UCL and the Crick.

The spring 2022 term seminars will be presented by researchers from UCL. All seminars take place from 12:30-13:00 and can be accessed through the links below. To view recordings of previous seminars, please click here.

Date PresenterCrick HostTitle and abstractMicrosoft Teams Link
28 March 2022Mariya MoosajeeNic Tapon

How do genetic perturbations lead to ocular maldevelopment? 

Genetic perturbations within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy can lead to serious birth eye defects and are a leading cause of blindness amongst children worldwide. We have been studying eye development in zebrafish and human induced pluripotent stem cell derived optic vesicles to better understand the molecular pathomechanisms that result in several forms of ocular maldevelopment including microphthalmia, ocular coloboma and aniridia, with a view to identify therapeutic targets for future investigation.   

Mariya Moosajee Seminar Link