The Core Study


Using the Resource pack

Using the resource pack to develop your CRT service will demand some time from the CRT manager and team and others in the local organisation. We will also bring some external resources to support your team in planning your service improvement. The main resource commitments are listed below.

External resources

  • This website.
  • A facilitator: a senior clinician external to the CRT available one session per week to support the CRT manager and team in developing the CRT service and who will provide a link to the CORE study team.
  • The CORE research team: staff working on the study will be available for any questions or support required.
  • Three CORE fidelity reviews: the CRT team will host a one day fidelity review by the CORE study team at the start of the project and again at 6 months and one year. These reviews will be carried out by members of the CORE team.

CRT team resources

  • Time allocated for fidelity reviews, a one-day kick-off scoping meeting for the whole CRT to set direction and priorities and where possible time allocated to review progress. 
  • 2-monthly meetings for the CRT manager and other senior staff to coordinate the CRT's service improvement plan
  • CRT staff time as agreed with the CRT manager to participate in focused working groups (planning and implementing improvement in targeted areas of CRT practice)

Resources from the wider organisation and local community

  • Participation from senior Trust managers in the CRT  scoping meeting
  • Participation from Senior Trust management in a proposed CRT resource pack Learning exchange (2 meetings and online updates to share positive practice and implementation strategies among CRTs)
  • Support from local service user and carer groups where possible with planning and delivering service improvement initiatives