The Core Study


Workstream 2

A peer-delivered self-management intervention to bridge the gap between crisis and continuing care

A peer-delivered self-management intervention, bridging the gap between the episode of CRT care and continuing care, will be piloted and its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness tested in a randomised controlled trial. Both peer-support and self-management interventions have been found to improve outcomes for mental health service users, but to our knowledge these have not been tested in combination with people leaving CRT care.

The three stages of Workstream 2 involve:

  1. Selection and adaptation to a CRT context of the intervention. This ran from 2012-2013.
  2. Piloting its implementation and evaluation. This ran from 2012-2014.
  3. Investigation of its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness in a randomised controlled trial. This will run from 2014-2017.

For more information see the protocol for this workstream.

Training for Peer Support Workers 

As part of the final stage of this workstream, peer support workers (PSWs) helping to deliver the self-management intervention underwent a five day training programme as well as two 'top up' training days and a site visit from an experience peer support worker. Some peers required additional training which was delivered by participating NHS Trusts in order to meet local requirements. 

The 5-day initial training programme for PSWs was adapted from an accredited training course for peer support workers developed by the Nottingham Institute for Mental Health. Training was co-facilitated by a member of the research team with clinical training (a psychologist or a social worker) and two experienced PSWs connected to the study. Training was interactive, involving role plays, pair and group discussions, as well as provision of information and resources by the trainers. 

More information about the content and structure of the training is available to download, as well as the operating procedure