The Core Study


Fidelity review

The CORE Study team will conduct a fidelity review of your CRT before you start using the resource pack to plan your service improvements. This will involve a one-day audit of your service. The reviewers will talk to the CRT team and manager, service users and carers, and managers from other local services. They will also review case notes and service policies and procedures. This review is designed to give you an external assessment of how far your service is achieving recognised positive practice currently. It can identify your current service strengths and help target priorities for service improvement. We will do two further reviews at six-month intervals to help you look at how your service develops over time. The study team will help you prepare for your team's fidelity review. Full guidance is available below:

We recommend that feedback on the fidelity review is shared with the team if possible before the team scoping day, for example, at a regular team meeting. This will allow time for team members to process the fidelity review feedback in advance of the scoping day, which will focus on building existing strengths and identifying priorities for service improvement work.