The Core Study


Enhanced local leadership support

Active support and engagement from senior management is recognised as crucial to achieving sustainable change in any organisation. We will try to ensure that your team is not left trying to develop your CRT service in isolation, and that support is available from senior management wherever required. 

The CORE Study team will put in place a "CRT Learning Exchange". Senior managers from all organisations taking part in the  Resource pack Project will be invited to two Learning Exchange Events during the year of the project. We will encourage leaders such as the Chief Executive, Directors, Acute Care Leads and Commissioners to also attend. The events will celebrate positive practice and highlight achievements in developing CRT services from all teams involved in the CORE project and beyond. The meetings are designed to:

  • Raise the profile of the project among organisations' senior management
  • Promote networking and sharing of positive practice among organisational leaders
  • Highlight successful strategies for developing CRT services

The Learning Exchange will also involve regular updates celebrating achievements and successes in service improvements among CRT teams using the resource pack. 

A key role for the Facilitator will also be to support the CRT manager or others in communicating with senior organisational management to seek support or resources to help achieve specific planned service improvements.