UCL Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology



The Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology (ICTM) has a strong commitment to teaching and education. We want to share our expertise on clinical trials and methodology with our staff and students.

If you are a current student with a query, please find the Education Team's contact information below.

MSc Clinical Trials: ICTM.pgtct@ucl.ac.uk

MSc Statistics for Clinical Trials: ICTM.pgtstatisticct@ucl.ac.uk

MPhil/PhD, MD(Res) and Short Courses: ICTM.Researchdegrees@ucl.ac.uk

MSc Clinical Trials

Our online MSc in Clinical Trials provides an excellent grounding in the management and design of clinical trials, and will enhance the knowledge and understanding of those already working in the field.

MSc Statistics for Clinical Trials

Our online MSc in Statistics for Clinical trials will develop your knowledge and know-how of statistics in clinical trials. This training is relevant for future clinical trial statisticians, and as well as clinicians and other health professionals who have a strong quantitative interest in trials.  

Graduate Research Programme - MPhil/Phd and MD(Res)

Our MPhil/PhD Clinical Trials and Methodology programme aims to train and mentor the next generation of trialists and methodologists, allowing them to develop their scientific research skills and expertise. A number of funded studentships are also avaliable here. 

CPD & Short Courses

We also offer a number of short courses in clinical trials conduct and methodology, with places available to clinical trialists both within and external to ICTM.