UCL Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


Strategic Governance and Committees

Information on ICTM strategy, structure and governance including organograms and an overview of ICTM Committees and working groups.

Committees and Working Groups

Membership, terms of reference, schedule of meetings, and recent minutes of the Committees and Working Groups of ICTM.

CI Training Sub Group

No meetings scheduled.

CPD & Staff Training

Date of next meeting: TBC

ICTM All Staff Meeting

Date of next meeting: 14th June 2022

ICTM Executive Management Board

this group meets quarterly.

Date of next meeting: 22nd June 2022

Institute Sponsorship Review Group

This group meets on an ad-hoc basis.

ICTM Accommodation Committee

This group meets on an ad-hoc basis.

Staff-Student Consultative Committee

Date of next meeting: 20 November 2019

Teaching and Research Committee

Date of next meeting: 27 November 2019


Structure and organograms

Overview of the structure of ICTM and each of its constituent units.