UCL Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology


About the Institute

The Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology was established on 1 August 2013 and is comprised of four clinical trials units.

Bronze Award

The combined strength of the four units means the ICTM has the largest group of trialists – approximately 400 - in Europe.

The Institute is part of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences in the UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences.

The Institute was awarded a Bronze Athena SWAN Award in April 2016.


The Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology is a centre of excellence for clinical trials, meta-analysis and epidemiological studies. It has a particular focus on developing and delivering innovations in methodology that improve and enhance these studies.

The goal underpinning the Institute’s work is a commitment to improve health for all.


Our vision is to build an Institute that is more than just the sum of its constituent parts and be widely recognised as a world-leading clinical trials grouping. We shall:

  • Improve local, national and global health by conducting clinical trials and other well-designed studies
  • Develop and implement innovations in the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials to conduct better, faster and more-cost-effective trials
  • Develop the current and next generation of trialists, particularly by embedding the education experience into research
  • Develop the expertise and capacity to design, conduct and analyse from the first in man to large-scale randomised trials
  • Develop a strategic approach to interactions with Industry
  • Contribute to national and international policy developments through a single ICTM voice

ICTM will do this by: 

  • Building on the specific expertise of each CTU to increase creativity and exchange of ideas 
  • Ultimately being the single Institute within UCL under whose purview all clinical trials will be performed, thus providing a more effective approach to the design, conduct and analysis of UCL trials 
  • Working with the JRO to develop a streamlined and risk-based approach to sponsorship, research governance and oversight of clinical trials 
  • Driving forward innovations in trial and study design by embedding methodologists within the Institute, and developing strategic approaches to developing and implementing new methodology 
  • Developing and delivering a coherent education strategy in clinical trials across UCL and the wider clinical trials sector 
  • Developing capacity and appropriate expertise for cost-effective early phase trials 
  • In collaboration with the UCL Translational Research Office and UCL Consultants develop an enterprise strategic consultancy strategy centred on providing access to industry of our (intellectual) expertise in critically evaluating evidence and optimising and improving therapy and diagnostic development and evaluation with the aim to bring new medical treatments and products more cost-efficiently to market, and improve the success rate of bringing products to the market 
  • Developing a strategic and sustainable approach to both the governance and finance for the Institute