UCL Department of Chemical Engineering


Departmental Procedures

This section details the important policy and procedures found in the Safety Handbook in a condensed form.

Working Hours

Normal working hours in the department are:

  • 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday

Extended working hours are:

  • 7:00 am to 8:00 am & 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday to Friday
  • 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturday, Sunday, and bank holidays.

Christmas, Easter and Bank Holiday closures

  • Access to the department during college closures at Easter and Christmas is not permitted.. 

Permission from the Head of Department must be obtained for work after 9:00 pm on weekdays and 7:00 pm on weekends.

Office Work

Staff and postgraduate researchers who have completed all mandatory safety training may do office work during ‘extended working hours’ without additional permission. When doing so they must sign in and out using the book at reception from 7:00 pm and at weekends. Office work must not be carried out later than 9:00 pm.

Lab Work

Work in laboratories during extended working hours is only allowed with a second named person in attendance throughout the work, and permission from the supervisor and Head of Department.

Please see: Safety in Laboratories for more information.

Accidents and Incidents

Obtain assisstance from the nearest qualified first aider. 

The First Aid Number from any phone is: 020 8138 7007.

From an internal phone it is: 07007.

Roberts Building

First AiderRoom
Albert Corredera303D
Simon Barrass205A
Nick Snead205A
Isobel Mackay209
Alex Norori-McCormac209
Sudeshna Basugupta209
Zahra Echresh Zadeh209 / LB21
Barry Reid223
Eva Sorensen229
Toby NevilleUB5
Francesco IacovielloUB5

South Wing and Tottenham Court Road

First AiderRoom
Alex RettieSouth Wing / 212B
Pooja VadhvaSouth Wing
Michael JohnsonSouth Wing
Robi SoniSouth Wing

The nearest hospital is UCLH A&E Department, Ground, 235 Euston Rd, London NW1 2BU, which is 400m North of the Roberts Building.  In a non-life threatening situation it may be quicker to walk here with the casualty or take a taxi rather than call for an ambulance.

All incidents must be reported on RiskNET

If a first aid box has been used inform the DSO (chemeng.safety@ucl.ac.uk).

Emergency Procedures - Fire

Upon discovering a fire:

  • Operate the nearest fire alarm call point and phone 222 – clearly stating your location.
  • If possible, close all windows and doors behind you. 

When the fire alarm sounds:

  • Leave the building immediately. Ensure anyone under your supervision (visitors etc.) also leaves immediately
  • The Fire Evacuation Marshals will guide you to the correct fire exits and to the assembly point (Print Room Café).
Emergency Procedures - Gas Alarm

If the Gas Alarm sounds:

  • Immediately leave the room.
  • Close the door behind you.
  • Ensure no one enters the room by turning over the Gas Alarm sign.
  • Find the Safety Officer.
Emergency Procedures - Serious Accidents

In the event of an emergency/serious accident and for an ambulance:

  • Phone 222 – clearly state your location and phone number and clearly describe the nature of the emergency.
Shared Workplace

When working for long periods at other UCL Departments or Insitutions (in the UK or abroad) there must be a written agreement between the Chem Eng PI and Host PI about the safety responsibilities, with both DSOs and HoDs also be informed. Below are example template documents to be used in these situations. 

      Departure Forms

      Supervisors should use the following forms when reserchers prepare to leave UCL to help ensure that the departure is managed well. 

      Area Safety Representatives

      Area safety reps are responsible for giving inductions to new research staff and students, maintaining their areas (e.g. placing maintenance requests, managing hazardous waste disposal, advising on lab risk assessments) and overseeing the general safety awareness in their assigned areas.


      303Sayan Pal
      303BSuneha Patil
      303CChao Wang
      304Chengzhi Guo
      220, 224Ibrahim Alnutaifi
      215Eleni Grammenou
      UB4 Stamatina Mitrou
      UB8Alice Llwellyn; Andrew Morrison; Julia Weaving
      UB9Francesco Iacoviello
      UB12 (Angeli / EIL)Yiota-Victoria Phakoukaki & Kristo Kotsi; Mateen Mirza
      UB14Mark Buckwell; Rhodri Owen
      UB15Rhodri Owen; Lara Rasha
      UB16Rhodri Owen; Lara Rasha
      LB13 (Guildin / Angeli)Kelvin Wong / Loic Chagot
      LB18Jay Yan / Yifei Ren
      LB19Esther Osarfo-Mensah
      LB20Julia Weaving; Rhodri Owen
      LB21, LB26Nirav Shah
      LB21aCharitos Anastasiou
      LB22, LB23Matteo Errigo
      LB24Yiting He
      FaradayRoby Soni; Michael Johnson
      List of Appointed Safety Personnel

      The Responsible Persons Register for the Department is below: 

      Responsible Persons Register 2023

      Union Health and Safety Representatives

      A complete list of the current health and safety union representatives can be found on the UCL web page.

      Key Safety Contacts in the Department

      Deputy DSOAmi Shahami.r.shah@ucl.ac.uk
      Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)Simon Barrasss.barrass@ucl.ac.uk
      Laser Safety SupervisorSimon Barrasss.barrass@ucl.ac.uk
      Facilities ManagerSimon Barrasss.barrass@ucl.ac.uk
      Departmental CCTV System

      The department has a CCTV system which is separate from the general UCL system. The main purposes of the system are to reduce crime and assist with the management of safety and security in the department. For more information see the CCTV policy below.

      Young Person Visitors

      Young person: individuals between the MSLA and 18 years of age. Young individuals are seen as being particularly at risk because of their possible inexperience and immaturity and  lack of awareness of existing or potential risks. Therefore there are restrictions placed on the activities that these individuals may undertake.

      Please refer to the document here for more details on Young Persons undertaking work experience in Chemical Engineering:

      If at any time you are unsure about the young person visiting procedures, please contact the DSO/DDSO (chemeng.safety@ucl.ac.uk). 

      Agile Working

      Please refer to the following procedures in agile offices:

      Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

      This below document sets out guidance for line managers and PhD supervisors in regards to organising Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for those working from home (WFH), including partly from home. This policy applies both during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.