Governance and compliance


Work Health and Safety Committee: membership

Information regarding the membership of the UCL Work Health and Safety Committee.

On this page you will find the details of :

Ex Officio members

Vice-President (Operations) (Convenor1)
Ms Fiona Ryland

Director of Safety Services
Mr Paul Stirk

Chief People Officer
Miss Donna Dalrymple (interim)

Head of Safety Governance and Risk
Mrs Portia Lamb

Director of Workplace Health
Mr Max Hill

Director of Student Support and Wellbeing
Ms Denise Long

Chair, Chemical Safety Sub-Committee
Professor Ivan Parkin

Chair, GM and Biological Safety Sub-Committee
Professor John Ward

Chair, Fire Safety Sub-Committee (and Deputy Convenor)
Mr Ian Dancy

Chair, Infrastructure Safety Sub-Committee

Chair, Radiation Safety Sub-Committee
Professor Erik Arstad

Appointed members

Members of staff at UCL, appointed by the committee on the recommendation of the University Management Committee:

Department of Chemistry
Dr Rob Wilson

Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
Mr Keith Harvey

Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences
Ms Sandra Bond

London Centre for Nanotechnology
Dr Matt Lougher

Cancer Institute ​​​​​​
Mrs Sonia Buckingham

Faculty of Population Health Sciences
Mr Simon Galloway

Division of Infection and Immunity
Mrs Eira Rawlings

Division of Biosciences
Ms Hayley Boakes

Media Relations
Dr Rebecca Caygill

Nominated members

Three Safety Representatives from the UCU, nominated by that Trade Union

  • Dr Theo Bryer
  • Mr Colin Byelong
  • Dr Alun Coker

Two Safety Representatives from Unison, nominated by that Trade Union

  • Mrs Joanne English
  • Ms Joanne Tapper

Two Safety Representatives from Unite, nominated by that Trade Union

  • Mr Damian Johnson
  • Mr David Ladd


Three Observers, one from each of UCL's three trade unions

  • Dr Rachel Hadi-Talab (Unison)
  • Ms Tracy Pearmain (UCU)
  • Vacancy

Two student Observers, nominated by the Students' Union

  • Ms Yasmeen Daoud
  • Mr Osman Teklies


  • Mr Jonathan Blackman

  • The Chair of the Work Health and Safety Committee is designated 'Convenor'.