UCL Chamber Music Club


Piano Hire

Information on how to hire the Club's instruments.

The CMC owns and maintains the Steinway piano in the Haldane Room (Wilkins Building, North Cloisters). This piano is not to be used for individual practice, but we are happy to hire it out for events (concerts, receptions etc.) to both members and non-members, student societies and staff at UCL, as well as non-UCL organisations; however, we need to charge a fee for this in order to ensure that we can keep the piano in good repair and consistently tuned.

Please note that the instrument resides permanently in the Haldane Room and cannot be removed from there, and that the CMC deals only with the hire of the Steinway – any queries about the booking of the Haldane Room itself must be directed to UCL Room Bookings.

If you would like to request the use of the Steinway, please fill in the form linked to below and email it to the address listed. Once we have checked availability, we will come back to you with a response. If we can honour your request, we will send you a confirmation email which explains how to obtain the keys. 

In some circumstances it may be possible to hire the harpsichord, please contact us to make an enquiry.

Please note that no booking is confirmed before receipt of this confirmation.

How to hire

Please fill out the request form and return, by email, to the CMC Chair.


 DurationUCL Student SocietiesStaff/DepartmentsNon-UCL individuals/organisations
Per hour, or part hour (up to 5hrs)£5£10N/A
Half day (up to 4hrs)N/AN/A£50 
Whole day£30£60 £75 

Payment method

There are two payment methods available as follows:

Electronic transfer (BASC) to CMC bank account

  • If paying by electronic bank transfer (BACS) please email the CMC Treasurer for the sort code and account number.

Internal payment via MyFinance (ULC departments only)

  • If paying via MyFinance, when your booking is confirmed please forward the MyFinance Project, Task and Award numbers to the Treasurer for them to arrange the transfer.

Maintenance and tuning

We keep the Steinway continuously maintained and regularly tuned.  If you wish to discuss additional tuning please contact the CMC Chair.

If you decide that you would like the piano specially tuned ahead of your event, we can put you in touch with our regular tuner and you are free to organise at your convenience.  Please note that the tuning will be at your expense, and you'll need to make appropriate arrangements to book the Haldane Room.  Once arranged please inform the CMC Chair so that he can authorise the unlocking of the piano at the appropriate time.