UCL Chamber Music Club


Practice Facilities

*Covid-19 update*

All pianos are currently unavailable, we are working on trying to get the main practice room back into action and will update the membership accordingly.

Piano Room
Currently the Chamber Music Club has one practice room.  It is provided solely for the use of Club members for the purpose of practice and rehearsal, and is not available to give or receive paid tuition or coaching. The practice room should not be used to store members' instruments.  This room contains a Bösendorfer grand piano.  

To reach the practice room, go to the north end of the North Cloisters, then down the stairs on your right (next to the entrance to the Physics building).  Exit the building using the fob on the key ring and go though the double doors in front of you, which you can open with the keys.  The practice room is immediately on your left; it has two locks – the same key fits both.

The room should be booked in the diary which is kept in the Security Office in Foster Court.  Bookings must be made in person, and the name of the person making the booking must be entered legibly in the diary; initials and incomprehensible abbreviations will not do.  N.B. The Security Officers will not make bookings on behalf of members. The keys are obtained from the Security Office. A valid Chamber Music Club membership card, or valid proof of membership in the form of a receipt from the UCL online store, must be left in the Booking Diary in exchange for the keys, which must also be signed out in the register.  The keys must be returned immediately on vacating the room; a Security Officer will sign them back in. When leaving the room, please remember to lock both locks on the inner door as well as the outer door.  

The regulations governing the booking and use of the room are as follows:
Opening hours:

  1. The piano practice room is available for use by Chamber Music Club members from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., seven days a week (last booking: 9.00 p.m.).


  1. Bookings are to be made not more than seven days in advance (except for rehearsals for CMC concerts, which should be entered as such in the diary).
  2. Bookings are to start only on the hour or at 30 minutes past; bookings may be for half-an-hour or an hour.
  3. Bookings should be for not more than an hour at a time per member.
  4. Individuals should not book the same time for more than two days per week.
  5. If you have not made an advance booking, but find the room is free and wish to use it straight away, you must still enter a booking in the diary, as well as leaving your card and signing out the keys. N.B. With the authorisation of the Chair, rules 3 and 4 may be overridden in exceptional circumstances (e.g. emergency rehearsals for an imminent Club concert).

Use of the room:

  1. If a booking has not been taken up after the first 15 minutes, another member may use the practice room. The member who made the original booking may, however, reclaim the room within the next 30 minutes.
  2. It is the responsibility of users of the practice room to return the keys to the Security Office by the end of their booked time.
  3. It is particularly important to vacate the room promptly at the end of the final session of the day and to return the keys by 10.00 p.m.

Please notify the Chair, Roger Beeson, rabeemus@gmail.com, if you are ever inconvenienced by Club members or others flouting any of these practice regulations.

Haldane Room
The Haldane Room is used for UCL CMC concerts and although the Steinway piano there belongs to the Chamber Music Club, the Haldane Room is not a practice room, and the Steinway piano is not a practice instrument.

On the day of a concert this room and the piano are normally available from 4.00 p.m. for final concert preparations by concert performers (or from 12.00 pm for lunchtime concerts). Performers wanting such access before a concert must liaise with the concert's organiser for access. This is crucial since there are often several performers in any programme wanting rehearsal time on the day of a concert.  Performers wanting access before the concert day must also liaise with the concert’s organiser.

Please notify the Chair at rabeemus@gmail.com if you are ever inconvenienced by Club members or others flouting any of these directions.

Chandler House
The Club possesses a ‘boudoir grand’ piano, which is kept in Room G15 of Chandler House, Wakefield Street.  This is available to Club members for practice for a short period in the early evening, see the Regulations for booking the room and using this instrument.