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General information about membership and membership benefits, and how to join the Chamber Music Club

Membership Fees

Annual membership rates are:

  • £6 for students
  • £12 staff and others  

Please note that membership is valid between 1 August and 31 July.

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General Information

Anyone with an affiliation to the College is warmly invited to join the Club, and uniquely among UCL societies, membership is open to staff (academic, non-academic and retired), students and alumni.

We also welcome external members who are willing to contribute to the activities of the Club and to participate in its events. Admission of people not directly associated with UCL is done on a case by case basis. If you are keen to join the Club, please contact us to request a membership form. External members can pay their membership fee only directly to the Chair or Membership Secretary at one of the Club's concerts after receiving confirmation of admission.

While musicians of any kind are an integral part of our membership, we also welcome eager listeners as a concert is nothing without an audience! Concerts are free and open to all, so do bring your family and friends.

Benefits of membership include the opportunity to perform in our concerts, access to our excellent piano practice room and advance notice of our concerts. We also have a mailing list and a performers list so that members can find other like-minded people to meet and perform with.

A reminder that the membership year runs from 1st August to the following 31st July.  All subscriptions made during this period are for that year only; it is not possible to pay a subscription in advance for the following year.

How to join

UCL on-line store:

Our preferred method of joining is via the UCL on-line store.

On completion of payment a receipt will be emailed to you, this is valid as proof of membership.

If, in addition, you would like a membership card:

  • please bring proof of payment to any of the October concerts, or contact us

Please include an internal postal address for forwarding of the membership card.

In person or by post:

Please contact us to request a membership form, and either bring the completed form and your payment cheque to any of the October concerts or post to the address as detailed on the form.

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Performance opportunities at UCL Chamber Music Club concerts.
  • Access to other UCL musicians wishing to perform as soloists, accompanists or in ensembles.
  • Use of a comfortable practice room with a brand new upright Yamaha piano, and, for concerts in the Haldane Room, the club's Steinway grand piano.
  • Use of a harpsichord for concerts in the Haldane Room.
  • A music library containing a range of music, from solo piano pieces to sets of instrumental parts for chamber works.
  • Membership of the club's email list.
  • Advance notification of concerts and programme details.
  • Full participation at the club's Annual General Meeting, held toward the end of each summer term.
  • Association with the Oxford & Cambridge Musical Club, which meets regularly at UCL. UCL CMC members are invited to attend any of their concerts.

On proof of their membership UCL CMC members receive a 10% discount on printed music and books at the following shops:

  1. Academy Chimes, Royal Academy of Music, York Gate Building, Marylebone Road, NW1 5HT. Tel: 020 7873 7400. Email: Academy.chimes@ram.ac.uk
  2. Barbican Chimes, Cromwell Tower, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DD. Tel: 020 7588 9242. Email: barbican@chimesmusic.com
  3. Kensington Chimes, 9 Harrington Road, South Kensington, SW7 3ES. Tel: 020 7589 9054. Email: kensingtonchimes@music.com