UCL Chamber Music Club


Member Facilities

All members have access to the following benefits/facilities:

  • Performance opportunities at UCL Chamber Music Club concerts.
  • Access to other UCL musicians wishing to perform as soloists, accompanists or in ensembles via our Performers List.
  • Practice Facilities - use of a comfortable practice room with a brand new Yamaha upright piano, and, for concerts in the Haldane Room, the club's Steinway grand piano.
  • Use of a harpsichord for concerts in the Haldane Room.
  • Access to the CMC Sheet Music Library containing a range of music, from solo piano pieces to sets of instrumental parts for chamber works.
  • Membership of the club's Email List.
  • Advance notification of concerts and programme details.
  • Full participation at the club's Annual General Meeting, held toward the end of each summer term.
  • Association with the Oxford & Cambridge Musical Club, which meets regularly at UCL. UCL CMC members are invited to attend any of their concerts.

On proof of their membership UCL CMC members receive a 10% discount on printed music and books at the following shops:

  1. Academy Chimes, Royal Academy of Music, York Gate Building, Marylebone Road, NW1 5HT. Tel: 020 7873 7400. Email: Academy.chimes@ram.ac.uk
  2. Barbican Chimes, Cromwell Tower, Silk Street, EC2Y 8DD. Tel: 020 7588 9242. Email: barbican@chimesmusic.com
  3. Kensington Chimes, 9 Harrington Road, South Kensington, SW7 3ES. Tel: 020 7589 9054. Email: kensingtonchimes@music.com