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Media Sector Insight Events

Explore the Media industry through a range of events.


Are you thinking of working in the Media industry after your degree? Or perhaps you’d just like to know more about the area?

Through these events you will gain tips on routes into the industry at panel events featuring UCL alumni and experienced professionals. You will learn what you can start doing now to increase your chances of success! Our packed week-long events programme will cover: 

  • Publishing
  • Broadcast media
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Journalism

How to prepare

Speaker profiles will be provided for each event, allowing you to do some initial research before attending. This will help you ask insightful questions at the events themselves.

We would recommend that you read through the range of help sheets and resources recommended on our resource library on effective networking and the relevant sector guides below, to better understand job roles, key employers and emploment opportunities, sources of sector news and information, and how UCL can help you:

We will also run a regular series of lunchtime talks on effective networking at events as part of our Career Essentials programme which provide tips and advice on building your professional networks.

Events 2022/23

The Media Sector Insight Programme has finished for the 2022/23 academic year. Thank you for attending! Dates and information on Media Sector Insight Programme events taking place in 2023/24 will be shared at the begining of the next academic year. Register for the latest career support, events and more straight to your UCL inbox. 

Missed this year's Sector Insight Events?

Check out our blog post which introduces the panellists for the first event, or read about exploring the types of careers that UCL Alumni have had within the Media sector.

Past Events

Media Insight Event: How to kickstart your Media Career at UCL

Thursday 23 March, 1pm-2:30pm

Are you interested in gaining some media work experience whilst at university but not sure where to start? Join us for a special event which will showcase the range of opportunities you can get involved in with UCL’s Student Media Societies.

This event will feature a panel discussion with current students working across Journalism, Science writing, TV and Online Media for societies such as The Cheese Grater, Pi Media and Kinesis Magazine along with UCL’s Departmental Societies co-ordinator to share how being involved in these clubs can be a great way to start your future media career. This will be followed by networking to find out how you can get involved with these societies.

Media Sector Insight Event: Exploring Traditional Media Careers

Thursday 2 March, 1pm-2:30pm

Interested in exploring the breadth of roles traditionally associated with the Media Industry? Join us for a panel discussion featuring UCL Alumni and Professionals working in different areas of the sector including Publishing, Journalism, Advertising, PR, TV and Film.

This event will offer an insight into the variety of careers you could take on in the industry, similarities and differences between each area, as well as general tips for pursuing a career in these fields. There will also be an opportunity to take part in a Q&A with the panellists.

This event will take place virtually and will not be recorded. Further details on panellists joining will be released shortly.

Journalism Workshop with News Associates

Tuesday 24 January, 12pm-2pm

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Journalism? Or simply want to get a taster of working In the field? Then attend our Journalism Workshop event as part of the Media Sector Insight Programme.

In this practical workshop run by press agency and journalism school News Associates  you will get experience of writing an article in a mock, 'real-life' breaking news exercise. There will also be an opportunity to take part in a Q&A to find out more on training and careers in Journalism.

Please note this event will take place live on campus and will not be recorded. This is also an interactive session aimed at those looking to pursue a career in UK-based journalism. Attendees will need to have good skills in both verbal and written English to ensure that they can engage effectively with the demands of the workshop.

*Students will be required to bring a laptop to take part in the workshop.*

Media Insight Event: The Future is Digital

Tuesday 1 December, 12pm-2pm

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the Media Industry or do you simply want to find out more about the range of roles and opportunities available in this popular sector? Then attend the first of this year’s Media Sector Insight Events. 

Join us in a special panel discussion hosted by UCL Careers, where we will be taking a look at the future of the industry with a focus on Digital Media careers. Featuring alumni and professionals working in areas such as Digital Marketing, Podcasting and Social Media,  this discussion will offer an insight into the variety of roles in this space, the key skills required for future media careers as well as general tips for getting into the industry.  

This event will take place live on campus and will not be recorded. There will also be an opportunity to network with panellists and take part in a Q&A.   

Speakers include:

Matthew Chew, Social Innovation Lead, Mediacom

Tim Phillips, Podcast Host, VoxTalks Economics

Senni Whitaker, Digital Senior Marketing Executive, Together TV

Amarie Cassidy, Freelance Social Media & Digital Consultant

Laura Rincon, UX Designer, Foundry Digital


Watch event recordings in our archive. These include complete panel discussions and in-depth interviews with experts.