UCL Career Frameworks


Human Resources (HR)

There are six job families in the Human Resources practice area: Strategic HR, Learning and Development, Transactional HR, Resourcing and Talent, Employee Engagement, Culture and Change.

Find out more about these HR job families, view the career pathways within them and read career case studies from colleagues across UCL.


Learning and Development

Developing and delivering programmes which support staff training and development at UCL.                              

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Transactional HR

Supporting staff throughout their employee journey.                                                                                  

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Strategic HR

Senior staff translating strategic organisational needs into actionable plans.                                   

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Recruitment and Talent

Ensuring that UCL is able to attract, identify, grow and retain the very best talent.                                 

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Employee Engagement

Understanding what drives engagement levels, and how to mitigate the exclusion of marginalised groups.

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Organisational Culture & Change

Working to improve the working life for colleagues and making jobs easier and more fulfilling.

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Leadership Level

Likely to be achieved by people who have experienced a range of roles.