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Teaching Administrator

Jenni Todd, Teaching Administrator, Division of Biosciences

profile - head and shoulders
I started working at UCL in 2008 as a grade 3 Lab Assistant. A year later I injured my neck outside of work and was unable to continue doing manual work. I was lucky I was able to move to a desk job in our divisional Teaching and Learning office. When I started in the office my role was still at grade 3. My responsibilities were to sort the incoming post and provide general admin support to the rest of the team. After I worked in the office for a while, I was mostly providing support to our deputy manager who looked after the Masters courses.

When the Division expanded the number of Masters courses we offered and increased our student numbers my role was regraded to a 6 and I became a Teaching Administrator. I was lucky the change of career path worked for me and my manager was very supportive of me and helped me to get regraded from a 3 to a 6. I still enjoy my role supporting the Masters courses. I have worked on some of these programmes since they started, and it is satisfying to see how they have developed over the years. I hope to apply for a grade 7 Teaching Support position in the future.