UCL Division of Biosciences



Antibodies and DNA constructs produced by the laboratory are available to the wider research community.

To request these reagents, please contact Kit Briant and provide a description of your intended use for them, along with a courier account number to cover shipping costs.

Certain antibodies and hybridomas are also available commercially.


Purified antibodies are also available for purchase from the companies listed below, who have licensed their distribution from the University of California and from Beckton Dickinson where they were produced.

Information for obtaining these antibodies, as well as their specificity and activities, can be obtained from these companies. Literature citations are included for your reference.

Protein Target Clone Vendor  Catalogue no.  Reference 
Alpha-Adaptin (AP2 adaptor complex) AP.6 ThermoFisher Sc. MA1-064  PNAS (1989) 86:9289-9293 
CLCa/b (Clathrin light chain a and b) - consensus region CON.1 BioLegend MMS-423P Cell (1992) 68:899-910
CHC17 (Clathrin heavy chain 17) - terminal domain TD.1 BioLegend MMS-427P Cell (1992) 68:899-910
CHC17 (Clathrin heavy chain 17) - hub region X22 ThermoFisher Sc. MA1-065 J.Cell.Biol. (1985) 101:2047-2054


Hybridomas for monoclonal antibodies against the clathrin or adaptor proteins listed below are available from the ATCC. Literature citations are included for your reference.

Protein Target Clone Vendor Catalogue no. Reference
Alpha-Adaptin (AP2 adaptor complex) AP.6 ATCC  CRL-2227 PNAS (1989) 86:9289-9293
CLCa/b (Clathrin light chain a and b) - consensus region CON.1 ATCC  CRL-2229 J.Mol.Biol. (1983) 167:197-204
CLCa (Clathrin light chain a) CVC.1 ATCC  TIB-135 J.Mol.Biol. (1983) 167:197-204
CLCa (Clathrin light chain a) CVC.7 ATCC  TIB-138 J.Mol.Biol. (1983) 167:197-204