UCL Division of Biosciences


Current Members


Kit Briant 
Lab Manager
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My research is principally focussed on investigating the functions of clathrin light chains (CLCs). In particular I’m interested in how CLC-mediated protein-protein interactions act to modulate intracellular transport, and also in the specialised, non-redundant roles of the CLC isoforms in highly specialised cell types. I initially joined the Brodsky lab as a research associate, and have subsequently moved into the position of Lab Manager, where in addition to my research I have several financial and administrative responsibilities including managing lab budgets, contributing towards the preparation and submission of research grant bids and day-to-day management of the laboratory. Prior to joining the lab, I undertook a PhD in the lab of Dr Lisa Swanton and held a short post-doc position in the lab of Dr Joy Wang, both at the University of Manchester.

George Bates

George Bates
Research Associate
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I joined the Brodsky lab in 2019 as a PhD student within the Wellcome Trust Structural, Chemical and Computational biology program. During my PhD, I utilised a combination of biochemistry and structural biology to better understand the molecular mechanism of clathrin heavy chain 22 (CHC22) - in particular, looking at recruitment, assembly and disassembly. Currently, I am undertaking a short post-doctoral position to finalise projects started during my PhD. Previously, I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford, including a Master's project in the lab of Ben Berks where I worked on gliding motility in bacteria.


Josh Greig
Research Associate
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My research is focussed on investigating the cell biology of the clathrin heavy chain variant CHC22, which is involved in the trafficking of the glucose transporter GLUT4 in muscle and adipose tissue. To this end, I am using an immortalized human muscle cell system to map and characterise the CHC22 protein interaction network. Prior to my current position, I was a PhD student in the lab of Dr Natalia Bulgakova at the University of Sheffield, where I examined the regulation of cell-cell adhesion by the co-ordination between endocytosis and mechanical forces in epithelial tissue (JCS, 2020). Contrary to common belief, my style was not inspired by Monty Don, although the parallel is curious.


Ivanna Yin

Daowen (Ivanna) Yin
PhD Student
Email, ORCID

I joined the Brodsky lab in 2021 as a Masters student and worked on the differential binding of clathrin light chains (CLCs) and sorting nexin 5/6 (Snx5/6) to clathrin heavy chain 22 (CHC22) in vitro. In July 2022, I graduated with a degree in MSci Biochemistry from UCL and started my PhD research in September. My PhD project focuses on identifying functional clathrin assembly contacts in CHC17 and CHC22 clathrin using recombinant approaches and biochemical analysis.

Former (UCL) group members

  • Hermione Allen (Masters Student)
    Subsequent Position: PhD Student, UCL Cancer Institute, London
  • Will Bultitude (Research Associate)
    Subsequent Position: Editor, Scientific Reports, London
  • Alice Burke (Research Technician)
    Subsequent Position: PhD Student, Imperial College London
  • Marine Camus (Former Lab Manager)
    Subsequent Position: Scientific Project Manager, IMI-NECESSITY, Inserm, Paris 
  • Stéphane Camus (Research Associate)
    Subsequent Position: INSERM investigator, Paris
  • Yu Chen (Research Associate)
    Subsequent Position: Research Scientist, Sanofi (Kymab), Cambridge
  • Philip Dannhauser (UCL Excellence Research Fellow)
    Subsequent Position: Group Leader, Miltenyi Biotec, Cologne
  • Carmen Figueras-Novoa (Masters Student)
    Subsequent Position: PhD Student, Francis Crick Institute, London
  • Lauren Foltz (Research Associate)
    Subsequent Position: Analyst, Empartners, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Pallavi Ramsahye (Research Technician)
    Subsequent Position: Higher Scientific Officer, Institute of Cancer Research (Sutton), London
  • Lisa Redlingshöfer (PhD Student and Research Associate)
    Subsequent Position: Research Associate, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics, Dresden
  • Amanda Sadacca (Lab Manager)
    Subsequent Position: Director, Awards, New York Academy of Sciences
  • Wing Yan Siu (Masters Research Student)
    Subsequent Position: DPhil Student, Oxford University
  • Max Walmsley (Research Technician)
    Subsequent Position: PhD Student, University of Manchester
  • Xinyi Zhang (Masters Student)
    Subsequent Position: M.Sci Student in Business Analytics at Simon Business School, University of Rochester, USA.