UCL Division of Biosciences



Research projects cover a range of topics that relate to the trends and consequences of biodiversity loss and ecosystem change.
Extinction risk assessmentWhat data and approaches can be applied to derive robust but comprehensive assessments of the extent to which wild species are at risk of extinction? What is the best combination of pressure (environmental change) versus sensitivity (species life history and behaviour)?
Climate change and its impacts on biodiversityThe potential consequences of climate change for species and ecosystems are severe but complex to establish. I am interested in developing approaches that take an eco-evolutionary perspective, recognising that species have always faced environmental change, and that they have varying capacities to deal with it.
Ecosystem services and natural capital accountingI have been especially interested in the links between biodiversity and ecosystem services, incorporating ecosystem services into biodiversity targets and examining trade-offs among ecosystem services. We have looked at ways to fully incorporate economic values into ecosystem service assessments. Most recently we have developed a new approach to measuring the loss of natural capital, using a risk register.