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CBER Lunchbox Podcast

The CBER Lunchbox Podcast aims to highlight what it is like to be a scientist. In each episode, we sit down with a guest for an informal chat about how they got into science, what their day-to-day is like, and the ups and downs of being a scientist.

Our Aim

We explore the diversity of career paths and range of experiences possible in science. In each episode, we sit down with a scientist to get to know the person behind the research. Our aim is to more accurately represent what it means to be a scientist – to show you the diversity of people beyond the lab coats and PowerPoints. We are researchers in the field of ecology and conservation and throughout this series, we will be interviewing researchers in similar fields. If you know a scientist with a story to share, please get in touch!  

Series 2 - Episode 6-10

Foremost we would like to say thank you to all our guests for participating and being involved


Dr Sarobidy Rakotonarivo
Research Fellow
École Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques, Université d'Antananarivo – Madagascar

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Joshua Powell
PhD Student
Institute of Zoology, ZSL and Department of Geography, UCL

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Josep M (Pep) Serra Diaz
Associate Professor
AgroParisTech / Unite Mixte de Recherche (UMR) SILVA

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OSUAGWU, Eberechi Cecilia
Lecturer / Ph.D Candidate
Michael Okpara University of Agricultural Umudike , Abia State Nigeria / Morgan State University, Baltimore Maryland USA

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Charlie Russell (he/him)
Prospective PhD Student
Natural England

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BES Special 


Series 1 - Episode 1-5

Foremost we would like to say thank you to all our guests for participating and being involved.


Carolyn Thompson
PhD Researcher
University College London / Institute of Zoology (ZSL)

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Matt Davis (they/them) / Diva Attenbra (sher/her)
PhD Candidate, Biology
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Instagram: @divaattenbra
Facebook: Diva Attenbra

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Rob Cooke
Ecological Modeller
UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

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Conor Waldock (he/him)
Post-doctoral Researcher
Landscape Ecology Group, ETHZ
Twitter: @cwaldock1


Susanne Vogel
PostDoc (second)
Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in a Changing World (BIOCHANGE)

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Owen Middleton
Final Year PhD Student
University of Sussex

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Meet The Team

Gonzalo Albaladejo Robles

Gonzalo is a final year PhD student in CBER who is interested in biology, conservation and management of endangered species and also in biogeography, statistics, ornithology, new technologies.

Silvia Ceausu

Silvia is a CBER postdoc working in the TRADE Hub project, which aims to understand and mitigate the biodiversity impact of trade in agricultural commodities.

Abbie Chapman

Abbie is a postdoc in CBER working on the SENTINEL project, which brings together scientists from across the UK and Africa to analyse the social and environmental impacts of agricultural expansion.

Charlie Outhwaite

Charlie is a CBER postdoc looking into the large-scale drivers of biodiversity change including land use and climate change.

Jess Williams

Jess is a postdoc working on the SHEFS project. She is currently investigating how changes in habitat and climate influence biodiversity within South African communal farms, and the impact of these changes on nature's benefits to people.

Amy Godfrey

Amy is currently the Centre Assistant for CBER.


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