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The UCL Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment (GEE) is a dynamic, research-active department, and we encourage early career scientists to join us on externally funded fellowships.

Why GEE and UCL for your fellowship?

  • We support fellows through our fellowship mentoring scheme and networking events, to help you to successfully develop your career.
  • We provide a stimulating environment for research, with several of our institutes and research centres focused on broad topics in ecology, genetics and evolution.
  • We support you through the application process, providing feedback in developing your project, refining your application and preparing you for your interview.
  • Our staff include current fellows and many established researchers who started their careers on fellowships, all of whom will be able to share their experience in the development of applications.

    Explore our institutes and research centres 

    Types of fellowships available

    Depending on the type of fellowship you are aiming for, there are two different processes to follow. If you are unsure which type of fellowship is right for you, take a look at examples of the different schemes and the eligibility criteria below. 

    Junior Postdoctoral Fellowships

    Man examines contents of glass jar

    For junior postdoctoral fellowships, we recommend you get in contact with a GEE academic in a relevant research area. They are best placed to advise you on how they and their research group could support you.

    Independent Fellowships


    Independent fellowship are suitable for researchers with some postdoctoral experience who are ready to start up their own independent research programme. UCL has a policy to provide successful senior fellowship holders with permanent position. 

    Hear from current Research Fellows


    Lucy van Dorp

    “GEE offers a dynamic and supportive environment in which to hone your research vision and build a team. The breadth of expertise in evolutionary biology across the GEE centres offers plenty of opportunities for collaborations, with the existing fellows network a great source of advice and shared experience."


    Garrett Hellenthal

    "GEE set me up with a low teaching and admin load, enabling me to focus on building a research team and publication record, which was essential for securing additional funding and a proleptic appointment."

    Kerri Kinghorn

    Kerri Kinghorn

    “Joining GEE initially as a UCL Excellence Fellow, I have found it a wonderful place to work, with access to excellent facilities, including an outstanding Drosophila laboratory.  The department provided all the support I needed to build my own research group and to achieve my current Wellcome Fellowship.”

    Teresa Niccoli

    Teresa Niccoli

    “UCL as a whole and the GEE Department run highly regarded undergraduate and post-graduate programs that attract excellent students from the UK and abroad. As fellows we can access these students, which can offer invaluable support to ongoing projects. The very strong and well qualified PhD candidates GEE attracts can really help build up a new laboratory.”

    John Labbadia UCL

    John Labbadia

    "The best thing about being a Fellow in GEE is the diversity of research and expertise that you are surrounded by. This opens avenues for interesting collaborations and means you regularly learn about areas of biology that are outside your own field."



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