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UCL Centre for Computational Biology

The UCL Centre for Computational Biology is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence for statistical and computational analysis of the fast-growing data in genetics and biology.



Established in 2010 to commemorate the extraordinary contributions to both statistics and genetics by R A Fisher. The Centre is directed by Professor Ziheng Yang FRS, and comprises staff from GEE and other departments within the Faculty of Life Sciences as well as UCL Department of Computer Science who work at the interface between mathematics / statistics / computer science and biology.

The UCL Centre for Computational Biology was previous known as the Fisher Centre. In the Summer of 2020, GEE took the collective decision to rename the Centre. The  reasons for this change are set out under the tab “Fisher, eugenics and race".



For information about the UCL Centre for Computational Biology, please contact Professor Ziheng Yang (z.yang@ucl.ac.uk).