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31st Oct 2017 The relentless rise of migration in Europe over last 10k
17th July 2016 Genetically distinct first farmers
10th August 2015 Paleo diet: Big brains needed carbs
3rd December 2014 Richard III confirmed
11th March 2014 Skin and eye colour evolved in Europe
10th October 2013 Hunter-gathers and farmers lived together for 2000 years
14th February 2013 Modeling Human Evolution in Mice
21st June  2012 Ethiopian Genetic diversity
27th March 2012 DNA traces cattle back to a small herd
9th September 2011
Indians and Europeans share a milky past
24th August 2011
Cautionary tale of European male ancestry
22nd August 2011
Iberian Lynx not doomed by its genetics
7th July 2011
Polar bear roots traced to Ireland
6th January 2011
Irish giants
23rd September 2010
City living helped humans evolve immunity to TB
16th March 2010
Milk drinking: in our genes?
4th September 2009
Europe's first farmers replaced Stone-Age hunter gathers
28th August 2009
Milk drinking started 7,500 years ago
5th June 2009
High population density triggers cultural explosions
7th June 2007
Ancient DNA Traces Wooly Mammoths' Disappearance
27th February 2007
Can't stomach milk
18th July 2006 Anglo-saxon apartheid in Britain
4th September 2005
Extinct Giant deer's descendant found in UK
1st July 2002
Anglo-Saxon mass migration
1st June 2002
Founding mothers of Jewish communities
February 2000
Origins of the Lemba: the black Jews of southern Africa
17th July 1998
Transfusion transmitted virus
9th July 1998
Origins of old testament priests