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Networks, mentoring and mailing lists

Find out about UCL's early career researcher networks.

Early career research networks and committees

If you require help or information about events, organization, and mentoring in the Division of Biosicences please contact the Postdoc Committee:

biosciences.postdocreps@ucl.ac.ukDivision of Biosciences Postdoctoral Committee
Jonas Hartmann jonas.hartmann@ucl.ac.uk
Tanushree Kundu t.kundu@ucl.ac.uk
Laurenz Mussi l.mussig@ucl.ac.uk
Grace Lu g.lu@ucl.ac.uk
Cell & Developmental Biology

Emeline Favreau emeline.favreau.15@ucl.ac.uk
Charlotte Outhwaite charlotte.outhwaite.14@ucl.ac.uk
Abhilesh Dhawanjewar a.dhawanjewar@ucl.ac.uk

Genetics, Evolution & Environment
Guillermo Lopez-Domenech g.lopez-domenech@ucl.ac.uk
Juliane Fagotti j.fagotti@ucl.ac.uk
Craig Sexton craig.sexton.11@ucl.ac.uk
Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology
Georgina Charlton georgina.charlton@ucl.ac.uk
Neeladri Sen n.sen@ucl.ac.uk 
Maria Tossounian m.tossounian@ucl.ac.uk
Structural & Molecular Biology

For queries related to pay, employment, redeployment, please contact the Staffing Office (email) directly.

The Divisional lead for Researchers is Professor Patricia Salinas (email).

Neuroscience Careers Network

The Neuroscience Careers Network has a range of useful information and events for Researchers. Although primarily aimed at neuroscientists the Neuroscience Careers Network has beneficial information on how to prepare for an interview, how to write a grant application, applying for fellowships, general information on funding bodies and Neurosciences prizes.

The NCN website

UCL-wide networks and mentoring

The UCL Human Resources department has a list of equalities networks and mentoring schemes that UCL staff are encouraged to join, including: groups for LGBT+ staff; staff with disabilities; women in professional services; women in STEM; working parents; BME staff; and more.

Some of these UCL-wide networks have their own websites:


Coaching and mentoring

The Division has its own mentoring scheme, designed to support the development of academic and professional staff. Read full details of the

While good employment practice benefits all staff, there is evidence that a lack of support and development has a more adverse impact on women's career progression. Please visit the Human Resources Equality, Diversity and Inclusion website for details on the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences' mentoring scheme for female academic and research staff.


All new Post-Doc are encouraged to have a look at the criteria for promotion from the UCL framework, and

 , and bear them in mind as they go. 

UCL research domains

The UCL research domains have their own mailing lists/newsletters that you can subscribe to via their websites. They share seminars, other events, funding calls, news and more.

Post-Doc Handbook

Download it and save it to your drive. 

 is a checklist of the most critical information you need to know when you land at the
Division of Biosciences.