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The UCL Personalised Medicine Domain harnesses the breadth and depth of the personalised medicine research activity taking place across the institution and its partner hospitals, supporting the delivery of innovative patient-targeted medicines and therapies.


Events & Seminars

17 January, 2017UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain Symposium - The future health of the public: Towards transdisciplinary research
19 January, 2017Virtual Virology meeting
20 January, 2017#LearnHack 3.0
23 January, 2017SLMS Introduction to Information Governance
23 January, 2017UCL Division of Infection & Immunity external speaker programme
25 January, 2017Introduction to quality improvement
26 January, 2017Indoleamine 2,3 Dioxygenase (IDO) promotes tumourigenesis and pain
30 January, 2017The strange case of the SERINC proteins and their antiretroviral activity
9 February, 2017The importance of size in immune recognition
13 February, 2017Consulting Skills: Career Development Training for UCL PhD Researchers
13 February, 2017Kaposi Sarcoma Herpesvirus K 15 protein: a possible therapeutic target?
22 February, 2017Workshop - Preparing Collaborative Horizon 2020 grants for April 2017 to June 2017 deadlines’
23 February, 2017Investigating the mechanisms of regulatory T-cell differentiation in vivo by novel Fluorescent Timer reporters
27 February, 2017Antiretroviral restriction factors and mechanisms of viral evasion or counteraction
8 March, 2017Accelerating Access to Personalised Medicine
9 March, 2017Adoptive T cell therapy: From single T cells to immunity
13 March, 2017UCL Division of Infection & Immunity external speaker programme
23 March, 2017Ageing of the immune system: Cues from the microenvironment
27 March, 2017Macrophage innate responses against S.pneumoniae
6 April, 2017Role of Rho GTPases in immune cell migration
24 April, 2017Insights into innate immunity from analysing the genetics of gene expression
8 May, 2017Modulation of host endothelium by the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
5 June, 2017The immunology of TB
19 June, 2017Cell-intrinsic defence mechanisms against HIV-1
3 July, 2017Understanding cellular heterogeneity

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