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The UCL Neuroscience Domain brings together all UCL neuroscientists to make fundamental discoveries about brain function and behaviour, to train the next generation of scientists and clinicians, and to transform our ability to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders.


Events & Seminars

2 December, 2016Brain meeting - How expectation can shape pain perception
2 December, 2016FLS Anne McLaren Lecture
7 December, 2016Institute of Neurology Postdoc Seminar - title tbc
7 December, 2016SLMS Introduction to Information Governance
8 December, 2016Queen Square MS Centre Departmental Seminar
9 December, 2016Brain meeting - The Limits of brain plasticity: Insights from Amputees
9 December, 2016Cortex on demand? Dishinhibitory circuits of the cerebellar cortex
9 December, 2016Neuronal mechanisms of context-dependent spatial hearing
13 December, 2016ALS Seminar: Neuromuscular ultrasound for the assessment of skeletal muscle in health and disease
14 December, 2016Thalamocortical and intra-thalamic functional connectivity in sleep and generalised epilepsy
15 December, 2016ALS Seminar: Assessment of metabolic health in neurodegeneration: studies in motor neurone disease
16 December, 2016Brain meeting - A distributed, hierarchical, and recurrent framework for reward-based choice
13 January, 2017Zinc ion signals, sparks and waves in cellular regulation
17 January, 2017ALS Seminar: There’s something wrong with my MAM; the ER mitochondria axis and neurodegenerative diseases
17 January, 2017UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain Symposium - The future health of the public: Towards transdisciplinary research
23 January, 2017SLMS Introduction to Information Governance
25 January, 2017Introduction to quality improvement
8 February, 2017Sharing resources and knowledge in ageing research
13 February, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
14 February, 2017ALS Seminar: Switching splicing in Spinal muscular atrophy?
22 February, 20173rd Digital Behaviour Change Conference 2017
22 February, 2017MRC Prion Unit Departmental Seminar - Title tbc
14 March, 2017ALS Seminar: From flies to humans: novel insights into ALS pathogenesis
10 April, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
11 April, 2017ALS Seminar: title tbc
25 May, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
13 June, 2017ALS Seminar: Should we target spinal microcircuits to treat ALS?
10 July, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series
9 October, 2017MRC Centre For Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series

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