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Click on the links above to explore the research Themes that sit within the UCL eResearch Domain and associated services.

The UCL eResearch domain brings together the community across UCL who perform theoretical and applied research using computational and data sciences or digital technologies. The Domain will add value by increasing integration across UCL and providing opportunities to develop new projects, knowledge and expertise.


Events & Seminars

24 October, 2017Encore! Non-human personhood? Demanding legal rights for our next of kin
24 October, 2017Research IT & Data Management drop-ins (Term 1)
26 October, 2017Taboo - Speaking my mind or being myself? How should European law treat religious expression at work?
31 October, 2017cemmap seminar
31 October, 2017Precaution in the Governance of Technology
1 November, 2017Professor George Danezis' inaugural lecture: Foiling on-line surveillance
2 November, 2017#trending - Is Euroscepticism unethical?
13 November, 2017 Powering Up Research, Data Fuelled Innovation
16 November, 2017Taboo - The death of others: suicide in the German Democratic Republic (GDR)
21 November, 2017Encore! Who likes working in open-plan?
22 November, 2017Introduction to Research Support and Integrity (Term 1)
23 November, 2017Opposites Attract – Facsimile cities: should architects now be making video game worlds?
28 November, 2017To Infinity and Beyond! Life in our solar system: redefining the habitable zone
29 November, 2017Professor Mark Petticrew: Complex systems and complex interventions and evaluation - UCL Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health external speaker seminar series
29 November, 2017The Digital Economy: Economics, Antitrust and Regulation
30 November, 2017#trending – Language brokers, not stock brokers: young people as traders of culture
5 December, 2017Taboo – Lesbians as a metaphorical threat to the heteronormative national order? History of sexualities, politics and cinema under communism in Eastern Europe
12 December, 2017Launch of UCL’s Collaborative Social Science Domain (CSSD): supporting social scientists across the disciplinary spectrum at UCL
17 January, 2018'Work stress in modern digitised work: what kind of work stress does the new economy face?’ - UCL Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health - External Speaker Seminar Series
26 February, 2018Privacy Online and Offline: The Citizen, the Personal and the Public Interest

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