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In dementia and neurodegeneration, UCL can lay claim to world-leading expertise across the full spectrum of research, from studies of the genetic causes of disease and their molecular modes of action through to evidence-based psychosocial treatments for patients and carers.

We have identified dementia and neurodegeneration as a strategy priority; in part this reflects a desire to build on our undoubted strengths in this area, but it is also recognition that dementia and neurodegeneration are a national and international priority.

As populations age, dementia is inevitably going to become more common. It is distressing for patients and for those around them, and imposes an immense cost on healthcare systems.

Currently, very little progress has been made in tackling the root causes of disease. Our goal is to exploit our unique range of research expertise and clinical resources to drive forward the development of interventions and diagnostics that prevent disease, mitigate its effects or improve the quality of life of those who develop dementia or other neurodegenerative diseases.


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