UCL Division of Biosciences


General Information about GEE

Darwin Building

Concerns about the fabric or services within the building (leaks/air-conditioning/windows etc), should be reported to James Michaels (Ext 37374) or Biosciences Operations Team

General maintenance requests can be reported via my Campus

For urgent or out of hours emergencies ring the Operations mobile number 07754 566026 or failing that please ring Emergency 33333.

Medawar Building

Concerns about the fabric or services within the building should be reported to the Biosciences Operations Team

Information for new members of the department

  • Copying, Printing, Scanning

There are a number of Print@UCL devices throughout the Darwin and Medawar building.  This print service allows UCL’s staff and students to print, copy and scan from any of the devices provided.  Any faults should be logged on the touch pad of the device ‘log a fault’ icon.

Before you can print, you need to register your UCL ID Card with Print@UCL

Instructions on how to connect your computer to the print queue

Using the service (how to guides)

The device in room 104 Darwin Building has stapling, sorting and A3 colour functionality as well as fax functionality.

  • Faxing

The device in room 104 is also a fax machine.  The fax number is +44 (0)207 679 7193 (dial 9 for an outside line)

  • Post (Room 104 Darwin)

The post is delivered and collected twice daily.  Last post collection is at around 2:00-2:30pm. The post is sorted into A-Z pigeon holes by surname.  There is a royal mail post box for stamped mail at the end of Torrington Place.

  • Recycling  

This is important. You are encouraged to bring in a mug/glass in preference to using paper cups. Please remember to look at the signage on the bins in the Darwin kitchen and in the corridors.  There are only three waste streams.

For those who have stand alone printers in their offices, please recyce toner cartridges recycling box run in Stores area (Anatomy Building basement area). Ask someone in Stores for the location.

Battery boxes are provided in the basement of the Anatomy Building (near Anatomy Stores).

  • Medawar and Darwin Kitchen & Common Areas

Please keep the kitchen area clean and wash your dishes after use. Please also empty the fridges of your food at the end of each week.