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Selected publications by Dr Ben Collen

Selected publications by Dr Ben Collen

1. Biological correlates of description date in carnivores and primates
Collen B, Purvis A & Gittleman JL (2004) Global Ecology and Biogeography 13: 459-467

2. Mammals on the EDGE: Conservation priorities based on threat and phylogeny
Isaac NJB, Turvey ST, Collen B, Waterman C & Baillie JEM (2007) PLoS One 2: e296
Introduced by Dr Nick Isaac, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford UK

3. The status of the world’s land and marine mammals: diversity, threat, and knowledge
Schipper J, Chanson J, Chiozza F, Cox N, Hoffmann M, Katariya V, Lamoreux J, Rodrigues A, Stuart SN, Temple HJ, Baillie JEM, Boitani L, Lacher TE, Mittermeier RA, Smith AT, Absolon D, Aguiar JM, Amori G, Bakkour N, Baldi RA, Berridge RJ, Bielby J, Black PA, Blanc JJ, Brooks TM, Burton JA, Butynski TM, Catullo G, Chapman R, Cokeliss Z, Collen B, et al. (2008). Science 322: 225-230

4. Towards monitoring global biodiversity
Baillie JEM, Collen B, Amin R, Akçakaya HR, Butchart SHM, Brummitt N, Meagher TR, Ram M, Hilton-Taylor C, Mace GM (2008) Conservation Letters 1: 18-26

5. Monitoring change in vertebrate abundance: the Living Planet Index
Collen B
, Loh J, McRae L, Whitmee S, Amin R, & Baillie JEM (2009) Conservation Biology 23: 317-327

6. Global biodiversity: indicators of recent declines
Butchart SHM, Walpole M, Collen B, et al. (2010) Science 328: 1164-1168

7. The Impact of Conservation on the Status of the World’s Vertebrates
Hoffmann M, Hilton-Taylor C, Angulo A, Böhm M, Brooks TM, Butchart SHM, Carpenter KE, Chanson J, Collen B, et al. (2010) Science 330: 1503-1509

8. Barometer of life: sampling
Collen B & Baillie JEM. (2010) Science 329: 140

9. Field surveys for the Endangered pygmy hippopotamus Choeropsis liberiensis in Sapo National Park, Liberia
Collen B, Howard R, Konie J, Daniel O, & Rist J. (2011) Oryx 45: 35-37

10. Predicting how populations decline to extinction
Collen B, McRae L, Deinet S, De Palma A, Carranza T, Loh J, Cooper N & Baillie JEM. (2011) Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B 366: 2577-2586

11. Investing in Evolutionary History: implementing a phylogenetic approach for mammalian conservation
Collen B
, Turvey ST, Waterman C, Meredith HMR, Kuhn TS, Baillie JEM, Isaac NJB (2011). Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B 366: 2611-2622
Introduced by Dr Samuel Turvey, Zoological Society of London, London UK

12. Making robust policy decisions using global biodiversity indicators
Nicholson E, Collen B, Barausse A, Blanchard J, Burn B, Costelloe B, Fritz S, Jones J, McRae L, Possingham H, Sullivan K, Underwood F, & Milner-Gulland EJ. (2012) PLoS One 7: e41128
Introduced by Brendan Costelloe, British Ecological Society, London UK

13. The conservation status of the world's reptiles
Böhm M, Collen B, et al. [+242 others] (2013) Biological Conservation 157, 372–385
Introduced by Dr Monika Böhm, Zoological Society of London, London UK

14. Defaunation in the Anthropocene
Dirzo R, Young H, Galetti M, Ceballos G, Isaac NJB & Collen B. (2014) Science 345: 401-406
Introduced by Professor Rodolfo Dirzo, Stanford University, California USA

15. Taking the measure of change
Collen B & Nicholson E. (2014) Science 346: 166-167
Introduced by Dr Emily Nicholson, Deakin University, Melbourne Australia

16. Global patterns of freshwater species diversity, threat and endemism
Collen B
, Whitton F, Dyer EE, Baillie JEM, Cumberlidge N, Darwall WRT, Pollock C, Richman N, Soulsby A-M & Böhm M. (2014) Global Ecology & Biogeography 23: 40-51

17. Global effects of land use on local terrestrial biodiversity
Newbold T, Hudson L, Hill SLL, Contu S, Lysenko I, Senior RA, Börger L, Bennett D, Choimes A, Collen B, et al. (2015) Global effects of land use on local terrestrial biodiversity. Nature 520: 45
Introduced by Dr Tim Newbold, UCL, London UK

18. Inferring species extinction: the use of sighting records
Boakes E, Rout T, & Collen B. (2015) Inferring species extinction: the use of sighting records. Methods in Ecology & Evolution 6: 678-687

19. Multiple drivers of decline in the global status of freshwater crayfish (Decapoda: Astacidea)
Richman N, Böhm M, Adams SB, Alvarez F, Bergey EA, Bunn JJS, […] & Collen B. (2015) Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B 370: 20140060

20. Wildlife population trends in protected areas predicted by national socio-economic metrics and body size
Barnes MD, Craigie ID, Harrison LB, Geldmann J, Collen B, Whitmee S, Balmford A, Burgess ND, Brooks T, Hockings M, Woodley S. (2016) Nature communications 7: 12747
Introduced by Dr Sarah Whitmee, UCL, London UK

21. Clarifying misconceptions of extinction risk assessment with the IUCN Red List
Collen B
, Dulvy NK, Gaston KJ, Gärdenfors U, Keith DA, Punt A, Regan H, Böhm M, Hedges S, Seddon M, Butchart SHM, Hilton-Taylor C, Hoffmann M J, Bachman SP, Akçakaya R. (2016) Biology Letters 12: 20150843
Introduced by Professor Reşit Akçakaya, Stony Brook University, New York USA

22. Why huddle? Ecological drivers of chick aggregations in gentoo penguins, Pygoscelis papua, across latitudes
Black CE, Collen B, Johnston D, Hart T. (2016). PLoS One 11: e0145676

23. Antarctica and the strategic plan for biodiversity
Chown SL, Brooks CM, Terauds A, Le Bohec C, van Klaveren-Impagliazzo C, Whittington JD, Butchart SH, Coetzee BW, Collen B, […] McGeoch MA (2017) PLoS biology 15: e2001656

24. Toward reassessing data‐deficient species
Bland LM, Bielby J, Kearney S, Orme CD, Watson JE, Collen B. (2017) Conservation biology 31: 531-539

25. Prior specification in Bayesian occupancy modelling improves analysis of species occurrence data
Outhwaite CL, Chandler RE, Powney GD, Collen B, Gregory RD, Isaac NJ. (2018) Ecological Indicators 31: 333-343

26. Practitioner and scientist perceptions of successful amphibian conservation
Meredith HM, St. John FA, Collen B, Black SA, Griffiths RA. (2018) Conservation Biology 32: 366-375