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PhD projects

The CBC supports the development of creative, critical thinking, independent and rigorous researchers in the field of behaviour change.

Phd student in library

Developing an ontology of Mechanisms of Action in behaviour change interventions and investigating its applicability 

PhD candidate: Paulina Schenk
Funding: Human Behaviour-Change Project, Wellcome Trust 
Supervisory team: Professor Susan Michie, Dr Alison Wright, Dr Fabiana Lorencatto

Theories are important to develop and evaluate interventions to change behaviour. However, many theories are partial, overlap and use different terms for the same mechanisms of action or the same terms for different mechanisms. This PhD is developing an ontology of mechanisms of action as part of the Behaviour Change Intervention Ontology.

Investigating the public’s behaviour in relation to plastic waste

PhD candidate: Ayse Lisa Allison
Funding: Plastic Waste Innovation Hub (add url), UKRI and EPSRC 
Supervisory team: Professor Susan Michie, Dr Fabiana Lorencatto, Professor Mark Miodownik (UCL Institute of Making)

Behaviour rests at the heart of the plastic waste problem i.e. overconsumption and poor waste management. This PhD aims to:

  1. identify key behaviours and actors related to reducing plastic waste,
  2. identify influences on these behaviours and 3) use these findings to develop and pilot behaviour change interventions to reduce plastic waste.

Exploring and targeting the behavioural factors influencing patient participation in rehabilitation on critical care, to inform a theory-based behaviour change intervention

Funded: HEE/NIHR ICA Programme Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship 
PhD candidate: Catherine Lawrence
Supervisory team: Dr Fabiana Lorencatto, Professor Susan Michie, Dr Claire Black (UCLH Critical Care), Professor Leanne Aitken (City, University of London)

Exercise and early movement can help patients to recover during critical illness; however, the number of patients taking part in rehabilitation on critical care wards in the UK remains low. This PhD aims to explore the rehabilitation experiences of patients, their relatives/carers and healthcare professionals, including barriers and enablers to engaging in rehabilitation. These findings will be used to develop a behaviour change intervention to increase engagement in rehabilitation on critical care.