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Related Organisations

Welcome to the Related Organisations section, where we proudly showcase our valued partners and collaborators who share our passion for behaviour change.

At the Centre for Behaviour Change, we are committed to fostering partnerships and collaborations with organisations that share our passion for driving positive behaviour change. We are proud to work alongside a diverse network of related organisations that bring unique expertise and perspectives to the field of behaviour change. Through our agreements and collaborations, we collectively strive to advance research, develop innovative interventions, and create real-world impact. In this section, we are delighted to showcase our esteemed collaborative partners, highlighting their names, logos, and a brief overview of their contributions to behaviour change. Together, we aim to make a lasting difference in promoting behaviour change for individuals, communities, and society.

behaviour works logo

Behaviour Works Australia, Monash University

We bring behaviour change researchers together with the government and industry to find behavioural solutions to real-world problems. We are a leading behaviour change research enterprise within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

Danish Centre for Motivation and Behaviour Science (DRIVEN) logo

Danish Centre for Motivation and Behaviour Science (DRIVEN)

The Danish Center for Motivation and Behaviour Science (DRIVEN) is a multidisciplinary intellectual network which aims to deliver high-quality research, education, and consultancy on factors that support sustained behaviour change in various contexts such as health, the environment, the workplace, and education.

Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change Logo

Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change

The Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change is one of the few Centres in the world that provides an integrated approach to all aspects of behaviour change. We study a wide range of behaviours related to human health and wellbeing, as well as social and environmental sustainability. We are specialists in the development, implementation, and evaluation of cutting-edge, evidence-based interventions, including those delivered via digital means or groups.