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Support us in growing the Centre for Behaviour Change's outreach and impact worldwide.

Over the last decade, the Centre for Behaviour Change (CBC) at University College London has pioneered excellence in the science of behaviour change.  We have generated new knowledge, developed new methods to do this efficiently and effectively, and applied it to policies and practices to transform lives and societies. Our mission transcends traditional academic boundaries, embracing a multidisciplinary approach to tackle global challenges—from public health to environmental sustainability. It is also deeply rooted in translating academic expertise to all those who can use it – policy makers, planners, practitioners and the public.  As we look towards the future, we seek the support of visionary donors who share our commitment to creating a healthier, more sustainable world. Whilst we attract research funding from national and international sources, we would like to do more translational work, offering training bursaries to those from low and middle income countries, and organising a range of events with knowledge users. Your support can help us to nurture emerging talent and translate insights into real-world impact.

Join us in shaping the future of behaviour change, making a tangible difference in the lives of people and communities around the globe.

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We always welcome the opportunity to discuss larger donations, please email us at behaviourchange@ucl.ac.uk to discuss further options.