Centre for Behaviour Change


About the CBC

Our vision & mission

Our vision is to improve global well-being, social cohesion and equity, and environmental sustainability through behaviour change.

Our mission is to develop our position as a leading and world-renowned centre for developing and applying expertise in behaviour change to address key challenges facing society. We:

  • Enable researchers to work, think, teach and write together in interdisciplinary fashion to create added value to our understanding of behaviour change
  • Create new opportunities and harness new methodologies for academic, engagement and translational activities
  • Develop partnerships and networks to translate behavioural science across public, charity, and commercial sectors, and policy and research communities.

CBC Activities

  • Engage in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research
  • Deliver wide-ranging and bespoke training and teaching
  • Provide evidence-based consultancy
  • Host interdisciplinary events addressing topical social and methodological issues
  • Build communities to facilitate the engagement of policy-makers, practitioners and researchers


We conduct cutting-edge theoretical, methodological and applied research advancing our understanding of behaviour and how it can change across varying settings, populations and behavioural domains.


We offer evidence-based consultancy across sectors on behaviour change in a range of domains, primarily health and sustainability at individual, organisational and population levels.


We offer courses and bespoke training workshops to introduce principles of behaviour change and demonstrate how these can be applied to a range of practical problems, across a wide range of organisations and communities. We also offer advanced training, including in our international week-long Summer Schools.

Tools and Resources for Behaviour Change

We develop tools and resources to support the application of behavioural science by a wide range of individuals and organisations. These include a smartphone app for the Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy app (available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), a digital tool for linking Behaviour Change Techniques to theoretical mechanisms of action, and a User Friendly Guide for the Behaviour Change Wheel.

Study Behaviour Change

We offer an MSc in Behaviour Change and a third year undergraduate introductory module to the topic that is open to students from any discipline. Our courses prepare students for a career in the growing field of behaviour change across sectors and industries.

CBC Conference

Our annual conference brings together people from academia, the public sector, policy, charities, and industry to learn about and disucss applications of the science of behaviour change. In addition to a programme showcasing cutting-edge scientific research and applications, the conference hosts activities to enable discussion and networking between academia and industry.

Privacy and GDPR

The Centre for Behaviour Change acts in accordance with UCL's policies regarding privacy and data security. For more information please refer to UCL's privacy policy.