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CBC consultancy enables organisations to apply behaviour change evidence and theory to deliver real-world impact.

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The Centre for Behaviour Change (CBC) is embedded in the Faculty of Brain Sciences at UCL and collaborates with internationally renowned institutions and academics worldwide. While the CBC is primarily a research centre, we also offer consultancy services for public, charitable, and selected private sector clients. The goals of our consultancy activities are:

  1. to help translate our cutting-edge research into practice and
  2. to support our clients in advancing their understanding and application of behaviour change science to achieve their own objectives.

We use a partnership model, working collaboratively with our clients to develop bespoke training packages and/or to apply the science of behaviour change to their projects. As well as delivering value to those we work with, our consultancy work also feeds back into generating new evidence and frameworks. This helps to create a positive dialogue between science and practice and allows us to support the translation of scientific theories, methods and evidence into practice while also ensuring that our research remains firmly anchored in the problems and practices of the real world.

Experienced CBC Consultants have worked with a range of clients over the years, contributing to developing and implementing training and successful behaviour change interventions in areas such as public health, adult social care, organisational change, or sustainability and the environment. All our consultancy services are bespoke and tailored to our clients’ needs and context. We offer guidance and advice on an hourly or daily basis, develop and deliver bespoke training and workshops, design effective capacity-building programmes, and provide consultancy and contract research services that can address complex behavioural problems. During an initial scoping call we will help you determine the best approach and method to achieve your desired outcome. Sometimes, we will recommend one approach over another, but often, a combination of approaches works best.

How to engage with us


If you want us to work with you, please get in touch with us via our online form and provide as many details as possible.

From enquiry to project delivery

consultancy process

We will review your enquiry and get back to you as soon as we can.

If your project is something we think we have the right expertise for and capacity to help with, we will arrange an initial introductory call to discuss your needs and aims in more detail.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Featured consultancy project

Achieving Behaviour Change: guides for local and national government and partners.

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Commissioned by Public Health England’s Behavioural Insights Team, the Achieving Behaviour Change (ABC) Guides are user-friendly guides to applying the Behaviour Change Wheel framework within national and local government; they can also be used for all organisations wishing to enable behaviour change within or outside their organisations.

The newly published guides are for national and local governments and partners, such as the NHS, emergency services and third sector, to support people to have healthier behaviours.

Download a copy of the guide for national government here

Download a copy of the guide for local government and partners here