Centre for Behaviour Change



The CBC offers evidence-based consultancy on behaviour change and related topics tailored to individual needs. We are a core team of experts in behaviour change with academic research backgrounds in areas related to behaviour change. Our consultancy service draws on a larger network of behaviour change experts, in a range of disciplines and with a diverse set of areas of expertise.

Looking for consultancy?

Examples of consultancy projects (click the images to see more information)

Protecting and empowering women

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Reducing illness associated with cold homes (WARMTH)

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Improving sustainability of the built environment

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Reducing suicide on the railways

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Interested in joining our consultancy team?

We are constantly expanding our consultancy team with the aim to:

  • Connect UCL-based researchers willing to provide consultancy, sharing information as to what colleagues are doing
  • Enable connections to be made between UCL-based researchers and external individuals/companies or researchers at other universities

If you are a UCL researcher interested in joining our consultancy team, please add your details to our database of behaviour change expertise at UCL.