Centre for Behaviour Change


CBC Hubs

CBC Hubs link people in cross-disciplinary dialogue and practice about behaviour change. Hubs are generally member-led online networks, focusing on a particular areas of interest.
Map of Autralasia

Australasian Hub

The CBC’S Australasian Hub (AusHub) is based in Auckland, New Zealand. The AusHub is run by part-time CBC Senior Teaching Fellow, Dr Lou Atkins and provides training, research collaboration and consultancy to academic, health and charitable organisations in Australasia and beyond.

Image illustrating plastic in the oceans

Environment & Behaviour Hub

Environment & Behaviour is a network for those seeking to advance their understanding of behaviours that affect the environment and sustainability, and to develop strategies for change. The Hub aims to create a space for researchers, policy makers, industries and citizens to interact and connect skills, ideas and resources.

Mobile phone with digital health app

Digital Health Hub

The Digi-Hub connects researches, professionals and industry colleagues interested in digital health and behaviour change. The digi-hub has links to the latest research, listing of digital health events, a weekly blog, and provides a forum for members to seek project collaboration opportunities.