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Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence

The UCL IIPP is working to rethink how digitalisation and artificial intelligence can empower public value creation and public purpose.


Digitalization is not neutral. The outcomes of digitalization are a function of how digital technologies are governed. In turn, different frameworks addressing questions such as who designs and owns the infrastructure, how data is created and who manages it, and how value is created and destroyed through digitalization processes can create radically different outcomes. IIPP seeks to build a research agenda investigating how public and private actors can better relate to govern the direction of digital technologies and AI in society, driving potential for public value creation and radical visions of economic change. 

This research agenda will focus on building out and refining a number of verticals, among them: 

  • Public sector digital capabilities: 
  • Varieties of Digital Capitalism
  • Algorithmic Rents
  • Governing AI for Public Purpose. 

Policy implications

IIPP aims to create the frameworks and analytics tools understanding how digital technologies and artificial intelligence impact governance and value. Collaborating with key partners and funders across our networks, the IIPP digital technologies and AI program will work as a learning community around the narratives, funding, development, use, and governance of these technologies. This research will play a fundamental role as a cross-cutting research impacting IIPP’s perspective on global innovation and technology policy agendas, as well as how technology shapes IIPP’s other research areas and projects.




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