The Bartlett School of Planning


Urban and Regional Development and Governance

Planning within the institutional contexts of planning systems, policies and processes.

Key areas of interest

  • The inter-relationships between planning and sustainability and economic development.
  • Questions of lifestyle, consumption and production, investment and property development, eco-design and planning for climate change.
  • Institutional and organisational learning, innovation and knowledge transfer.
  • Critiquing British town and country planning and inspiring the emergence of 'spatial planning' across the UK.
  • Place shaping and planning for growth.
  • The representation of planning in the media.
  • The links between land use planning and societal and lifestyle pressures, such as home ownership.

Research projects

Planning After Devolution: Convergence, Divergence and Policy Transfer
Ben Clifford, Janice Morphet

Contrasting Approaches to Infrastructure and Delivery Planning
Janice Morphet (UCL), Nick Gallent (UCL), Marco Bianconi (UCL), Ben Clifford (UCL); Mark Baker (Manchester), Stephen Hincks (Manchester), Vivien Hale (Manchester)

Transboundary territorial cooperation, policy learning and the Europeanisation of urban and spatial planning policies in the Mediterranean area
Claire Colomb

An Anatomy of Sprawl: Planning and Politics in South Hampshire
Nick Phelps

Land Use Futures
Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Spatial Dimensions of Rural Policy
Nick Gallent, Richard Oades, Marco Bianconi and Ian Greatbatch

Planning Reform - The Development of Spatial Planning
Mark Tewdwr-Jones and Janice Morphet with Philip Allmendinger

Planning and Politics of Edge City Retrofit
Nick Phelps

Global Suburbanisms
Nick Phelps

Cultural Clusters in Chinese Cities
Jung Won Sonn (with Xiao Liu, He Wang and Wanjing Chen)

Governing Post Suburban Growth
Nick Phelps

Political Economy of Planning in South Korea
Jung Won Sonn (with Dongwan Kim, Hyun Bang Shin and Dongheon Lee)

Labour Process in Creative Industries 
Jung Won Sonn (with Martin Hess, He Wang, Wanjing Chen, and Norma Rantisi)

Urban and Regional Dimensions of Knowledge Production
Jung Won Sonn (with Veny Seo, Dongheon Lee, Inkwon Lee, Shiqi Wang and Zheng Wang)

Shrinking to Grow: The Urban Regeneration Challenge in Leipzig and Manchester
Peter Hall, Alan Mace, Nick Gallent, et al

Decentring Nation: The New Geography of Urban and Regional Development in Indonesia
Nick Phelps

BIDs, Economic Recession and the Future of Stakeholder-led Public Realm Management
Claudio de Magalhães

Urban and Regional Dimensions of Knowledge Production
Jung Won Sonn

Sustainability and the Financing of Property Development: Research Agenda
Michael Edwards, Claudio de Magalhães, Dr Nikos Karadimitriou and Khalil Rehman

UK-China Sustainable Cities
Fulong Wu

CLUES: Challenging Lock-in Through Urban Energy Systems
Yvonne Rydin, Chris Goodier (Loughborough), Lester Hunt (Surrey), Simon Guy (Manchester), Jim Watson (Susex), Patrick Devine-Wright (Exeter)

Zero Carbon Realities: Are Zero-Carbon Homes a Reality?
Joanna Williams

Global Zero Carbon Capacity Index
Yvonne Rydin