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London Planning Seminars

To foster links with the broader London planning community, the Bartlett School of Planning runs a series of London Planning Seminars each year.

We hope that you will come along, meet the Bartlett School of Planning staff and students as well as other fellow planners, and join in the debate on current issues. The London Planning Seminar series is convened by Michael Edwards.

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Upcoming Seminars

The schedule for 2023/24 event series will be published here once available. 

All seminars are from 5.30pm. More detailed information will be published on the events page as and when it is available.

If you would like to join our events mailing list please contact Sarah Flynn.

Past Seminars  

2019-20 (convened by Mike Raco)

Tuesday 29th October 2019
'The Politics of Land Value Capture in London' 
Professor Jenny Robinson (Geography, UCL)

Tuesday 12th November 2019
'Community-Led Social Housing Regeneration: Between the Formal and the Informal' 
Dr Pablo Sendra and Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick (BSP, UCL)

22nd November 2022
London 2012: A critical reflection on the gap between policy commitments and policy outcomes and the case for a housing inclusion zone on the park
Dr Penny Bernstock Senior Research Fellow at The Institute of Global Prosperity, University College London

Tuesday 10th December 2019
'Planning for the Crisis of Care in London'
Dr David Madden (LSE)

2018-2019 (convened by Professor Peter Rees and Professor Mike Raco)

Tuesday 9th October 2018
'Slow cities, urban politics and the temporalities of planning: Lessons from London'
Dan Durrant, Mike Raco and Nicola Livingstone

Tuesday 23rd October 2018
'Unpacking the "black box" of the developer: real estate actors as networked agents"
Enora Robin and Frances Brill

Tuesday 20th November 2018
‘Vacant land in London: From market failure to a planning tool’
Sonia Freire-Trigo

Tuesday 22nd January 2019
'Parallel Worlds'
Professor Yolande Barnes

Tuesday 26th February 2019
'King’s Cross Railway Lands - a Saga of Urban Regeneration'
Professor Peter Bishop

2017-2018 (convened by Professor Peter Rees and Professor Mike Raco)

20th February 2018
'THE IRON FIST - Sara Fox on her life in Project Management'
Sara Fox

23rd November 2017
'Necrotecture: The Political Economy of London’s Super-Elite High Rise Landscape'
Professor Rowland Atkinson (University of Sheffield) 

7 December 2017
'Governing Social and Spatial Inequalities Under Enduring Austerity'
Joe Beswick (University of Leeds) and Joe Penny (BSP, UCL)

2016 - 2017 (convened by Professor Peter Rees)

21st February 2017
'Where Does Architecture Meet Planning?' Piers Gough CBE

21st March 2017
'20+20 Vision: What Worked and What Didn't - Reflections on a Planning Career in the Public and the Private Sectors' Adrian Penfold OBE

2011 - 2012 (convened by Professor Mike Raco)

5th October 2011
'Capital Spaces: The Complex Evolving Spaces of Global City, London' Professor Matthew Carmona, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

2nd November 2011
'Living through placemaking: The London Olympics 2012' Martin Slavin, Member of Games Monitor and Hackney resident

8th February 2012
'Looking Back, Looking Forward: An Assessment of London Docklands 30 Years On' Dr Sue Brownill, Oxford Brookes University

15th March 2012
'Olympic Planning: London and Beyond 2012' Kathryn Firth, Chief of Design, Olympic Park Legacy company; and Professor John Gold, Oxford Brookes University

26th March 2012
'The Thames Hub Proposals and London' Professor Peter Hall (Bartlett School of Planning:, Huw Thomas (Foster and Partners), Andrew Price (Halcrow)

2010 - 2011 (convened by Professor Yvonne Rydin)

27th October 2010
'Tracking the Evolution of a Metropolis: The Growth of West London 1875 - 2005' Dr Kiril Stanilov, University of Cambridge

3rd November 2010
Design for London: Dedication for Life Lara Gibson Designer, Design for London (London Development Agency) 

1st December 2010
'Learning from Rasmussen: How London's Future Development Can Learn From It's Past' Roland Karthaus Associate, Think Place, London

2nd March 2011 
'London 2012: Planning for a Long Term Legacy From the Olympic and Paralympic Games' Jessica Gavaghan Senior Development Planning; and Ben Olney, Town Planning and Regeneration Manager, Olympic Delivery Authority

4th May 2011 
'The Reversal of Strategic Planning in London? The Boris Effect: With a Special Focus on the Sustainable' Dr Nancy Holman, LSE

1st June 2011
'Capital Spaces: Contemporary Public Space in a Global City - London' Professor Matthew Carmona, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

2009 - 2010 (convened by Professor Yvonne Rydin)

8th October 2009
'Radical Resilience? Sustainability Planning, Economic Change and the Politics of Post-recession Development in London' Professor Mike Raco, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

4th November 2009
'Forces that Really Moulded the Planning of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link'
Dr John Ward and Dr Phil Wright, Omega Centre, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

2nd December 2009
'Lessons from Hummarby Sjostad - A Sustainable Urban Development in Stockholm' Stellan Fryxell, Partner, Tengbom Architects, Stockholm, Sweden Grand Challenges - Sustainable Cities Event

3rd February 2010
'Development and Strategic Outcomes of the Draft Mayor's Transport Strategy' Stefan Trinder, Principal Transpor Planner, Transport for London  

3rd March 2010
'Conclusions and Policy Recommendations of the Outer London Commission' William McKee, Chairman, Outer London Commission

5th May 2010
'Tracking the Evolution of a Metropolis: The Growth of West London 1875 - 2005' Dr Kiril Stanilov, University of Cambridge

2nd June 2010
'Battersea Power Station and Olympics 2012: Legacy, Land Grabs and Liberties' Mark Saunders, Spectacle Productions

2008 - 2009 (convened by Professor Yvonne Rydin)

12th November 2008
'Housing and Supply and Planning Delay' Professor Michael Ball, University of Reading

3rd  December 2008
'Sustainable Energy Management and the Built Environment: The Latest Government Foresight Project' Professor Yvonne Rydin, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

4th February 2009
'The Isle of Dogs: 4 Development Waves, 5 Planning Models, 12 Plans, 35 Years, and a Renaissance...of Sorts!' Professor Matthew Carmona, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL 

4th March 2009
'The Amelia Project - A Methodology for Enhancing Life by Increasing Accessibility'
Professor Roger Mackett, University College London

6th May 2009
'Results from the OMEGA Centra - Mega-Projects and Development' Professor Harry Dimitriou, Bartlett School of Planning, UCL